The Americans Recap: Dimebag

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
The Americans Recap: Dimebag

The Americans” Season 3 Episode 4 “Dimebag” aired Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2015 at 10 p.m. on FX. The Jennings celebrate Paige’s birthday and she tells them her big news. Find out what happened in this episode in the recap below.

Elizabeth (Keri Russell) is tracking the daughter of the head of the Afghan committee, Isaac Breland. She’s actually buying weed at the park. When she tells Philip (Matthew Rhys) about this later, he thinks that the girl is too young to be their target. Elizabeth rationalizes that they’re up against the CIA and they’ve always been hard to infiltrate.

Meanwhile, their daughter Paige (Holly Taylor) arrives home from church and the Jennings take this chance to discuss plans for her upcoming birthday. She only likes a simple dinner and they encourage her to pick friends she can invite. She says she wants the pastor and his wife as her guests. Later, Elizabeth expresses her concern to her husband. Doesn’t their teenage daughter have any friends her age? Philip thinks Paige is just being a teenager, bugging her parents as teenagers do. They also discuss about his situation with Martha, in her wanting to foster children. Elizabeth thinks it’s not a big problem, he can always refuse Martha and put his foot down.

In Russia, Nina (Annet Mahendru) is told by someone in authority that he can commute her sentence into something more lenient. The trade off? She has to draw out information from Evi (Katja Herbers), the woman she’s in the cell with. They need to know about a drop and a package. Can she get Evi to tell her this? When she returns to her cell, she engages Evi in small talk. But this time, it was Evi who shoots her down and ignores her.

Stan (Noah Emmerich) and Philip are at the marriage seminar. Stan is asked to speak about his feelings in front of the crowd. Later, he gets invited on a date by a woman, but he turns it down. Philip thinks he’s crazy. He’s single now and he can date anyone.

That night, Philip goes on a mission to get close to Breeland’s daughter, whom he learns is named Kimberly. She and her friends are trying to get into a bar with fake ID’s. Philp butts in and introduces himself as Jim. He tells Kimberly he can get her and her friends actual DMV ID’s. He made friends with the target that night. At home, Philip receives a call that his “tickets” can be picked up the next day. It’s the ID’s Kimberly needs.

As this is going on, Elizabeth visits Lisa from AA. She tells her that she made a mistake and fell off the wagon. Lisa, being her sponsor, lets her into her house, where Elizabeth sleeps over. In the morning, Lisa reveals that her husband has started drinking, too. He’s been out of work for a while and things are getting bad with them.

The next day at the FBI headquarters, Stan tells his boss he’s got a different feeling about Zinaida (Svetlana Efremova). She’s meeting with other government officials for her press tour. What if she plans on killing the president all along?

Philip meets Kimberly at the park to hand her what he’s promised. He tells her that he’s actually a lawyer and a lobbyist in Congress. They’re working to get the legal drinking age lowered. He asks her what music she’s listening to on her earphone and she lets him listen. She tells him he can call her Kimmy, as all her friends do. He’s got her trust now.

Back in Russia, Nina starts telling Evi about her case and how she’s in prison for high treason. She’s appealing really hard to her cell mate’s trust. That night, she pretends to have a bad dream, prompting Evi to comfort her and hug her. Nina secretly smiles knowing she will be able to crack this one so easily.

Stan and Zinaida are at a diner when she takes a bathroom break with her purse with her. Is she up to something? After Stan brings her home safely, he returns to the diner to check the bathroom, but he comes up empty. Is he wrong to suspect the defector?

Later that night, Stan visits his ex-wife Sandra and confesses to her that he had an affair while on the job before. He’s telling this as a result of his marriage seminar and apologizes to Sandra (Susan Miner) for being such an ass in their marriage.

Philip gifts Paige the latest Yaz album, which he has heard in Kimmy’s earphones. She’s ecstatic about it as it’s been a big topic with the kids at school. Elizabeth is surprised by this because didn’t they agree they were going to give her a necklace for her birthday? Philip defends that it’s not for her birthday. It’s just something she wants to give his daughter, the same way Elizabeth wants to spend some time with her in church. It’s clear that both of them are trying to win over Paige. Elizabeth tells her husband that whether he’s with her or not, Paige is going to be in the spy program. It is going to happen.

During the birthday dinner, Paige reveals to her parents the big reason why she wants the pastor and his wife there. She tells them she would like to get baptized in church; to cleanse herself for Jesus Christ. The Jennings are dumbfounded and Paige quickly says that it’s all her idea. The pastor only wanted to make sure that this is fine with them.

That night, the two bicker about this in private. Elizabeth thinks it may be time to tell Paige the truth about them. She might reconsider about the baptism. In his frustration, Philip leaves the house and meets up with Kimmy in the park. They’re smoking weed and listening to music.

And that’s what happened to “The Americans” Season 3 Episode 4 “Dimebag” aired Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2015 at 10 p.m. on FX. Keep following Movie News Guide (MNG) if you’d like more show updates.

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