The Americans Recap: Salang Pass

By Rachel Cruz | 4 years ago
The Americans Recap: Salang Pass

The Americans” Season 3 Episode 5 “Salang Pass” aired Wednesday, Feb. 25, 2015 at 10 p.m. on FX. Philip is having an attack of the conscience and this time, even Elizabeth doesn’t know what to do. Find out what happened in this episode in the recap below.

Philip (Matthew Rhys) as Clark accompanies Martha (Alison Wright) to check out the children they could possibly foster in the future. While they are not bringing any child home yet, Martha reminds her husband that they will have to do this one day. She badly wants to have a family. Meanwhile, Elizabeth (Keri Russell) is with Lisa (Karen Pittman), her sponsor, who is still having problems with her husband. She offers Lisa her mother’s house since “Mom” is already living in a retirement home. She can use the space away from her husband.

Oleg (Costa Ronin) is jogging at the park when he comes across Stan (Noah Emmerich) who has a proposal he cannot possibly refuse. If Oleg wants to help Nina, Stan could do something about it, only if he provides him with information about Zinadia (Svetlana Efremova), the Russian defector whom Stan suspects has a different agenda.

Yousaf (Rahul Khanna) is once again meeting with Philip. He’s wondering what he still needs him for, when he has already given him what Philip needs. Didn’t he lead them to the Afghan committee? Philip says that he still needs Yousaf for the ISI and this is not an option.

After a long day of doing spy work, Philip crashes in front of the TV and Elizabeth notices that he looks beat. He talks about his day with Martha. Then, they started reminiscing about their own kids when they were little. Then Elizabeth asks how things are with Philip’s mission with Kimberly, the CIA head’s daughter. He confirms they’re meeting the next night and once again, he points out how this girl is so young to be their target.

Dinner with the Jennings that night included their neighbor Stan, who is enjoying his conversation with Philip and Elizabeth’s son. Paige (Holly Taylor), on the other hand, declares that she would like to buy a new dress for her baptism. Philip volunteers to go shopping with her.

The next day, Elizabeth is walking the dog in a different neighborhood. It was only because she’s checking out someone in connection with her mission with Lisa. She’s already moved in at the house of Elizabeth’s non-existent mom and it’s a big period of adjustment for her and her kids. For the good of her marriage, right? When Elizabeth visits her, she discusses this job opportunity in Northrup near the vicinity. She has applied for a transfer there. With her security clearance, she can be given preferential treatment if something comes up. Lisa has no idea all this is orchestrated by the spy who thinks is her friend.

That night, Philip meets up with Kimberly, who is with some friends. They see her with this old guy and they give Philip (as James) a hard time, so he leaves. Kim follows him and they discuss how it is so awkward between them for other people. She’s only 15 and he’s several years older. People see them together and immediately think it’s weird. To make up for it, Kimberly invites him to be at her house a few days from now. Her parents will be out for a fundraiser.

It’s time to shop for Paige’s dress. Philip offers to pay for an expensive one he picks out for her, which didn’t sit well with Elizabeth, of course. Why is he suddenly willing to let their daughter have her baptism? She knows what her husband is up to. He’s making sure that Paige will not be recruited into the spy program.

That night, Stan is once again at the Jennings’ home to have a beer with Philip and he reveals that someone from their self-help group called his office to ask him out on a date. Philip laughs because the whole reason why Stan joined the group was so that he can be a better husband for Sandra, but now he’s getting dates left and right. Stan declares  that he and Sandra aren’t going to happen anymore. It’s time to face the facts.

The guy Elizabeth was chasing earlier with her dog is a worker from Northrup. That night, she “accidentally” cranks the jack as he is working on his car so that it crushes him dead. He was not a spy but there has to be a reason why Elizabeth  killed him.  The next day, Lisa receives a call about a job opening at Northrup. She’s in! This also means that Elizabeth can finally get Lisa to bring her information she needs.

Lisa notices her designer bags. Elizabeth lets her in on a secret about a rich guy who apparently buys her drinks and gives her gifts. In return, she only has to tell him what to do at work. Of course, this is the story she uses to gain Lisa’s trust and friendship. Lisa tells her “friend” to be careful. The guy she’s helping may want more.

Meanwhile, Oleg tries to seek out information about Zinaida from a colleague, but he gets nothing. Stan is disappointed upon learning this and warns him that Nina’s fate in prison is almost up. Zinaida is their last chance.

Philip visits Gabriel (Frank Langella) at his house to get some drugs for him and Kimberly. Gabriel tells him that so many lives depend on him for this relationship he’s building up with the adolescent girl. But he can imagine how it’s so confusing for Philip, as he has a conscience. However, in their line of work, this conscience could be his downfall too.

That night, Philip comes over to Kimberly’s house, as arranged, and they smoke the weed together. He casually brings up her dad’s job, at which point, he realizes Kimberly has no idea her father is a big shot at the CIA. She thinks her dad’s job is related to agriculture.

High from the weed, they raid the kitchen for food and then settled down to watch TV. When Kimberly begins to fall asleep, Philip starts looking around the house, taking photographs of Kimberly’s dad’s things. He also slips a device in his briefcase. He then returns to Kimberly, who’s still asleep on the couch, and he carries her up her bedroom. She tries to him, but then he hears a car in the driveway. It’s her parents! Philip sneaks out of the house like a teenage boy.

At his own house, Philip discusses his dilemma with Elizabeth. He knows part of the job is to seduce people and for many instances, he has to make it real with some of his partners. Should he then begin sleeping with a 15-year-old? Elizabeth tells her husband she honestly doesn’t know. The episode ends with them kissing, without any pretense, but only as husband and wife.

That’s the recap for “The Americans” Season 3 Episode 5 “Salang Pass” which aired Wednesday, Feb. 25, 2015 at 10 p.m. on FX. Keep following Movie News Guide (MNG) if you’d like more show updates.

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