America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 Finale Recap: Who Wins, Guys or Girls?

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 Finale Recap: Who Wins, Guys or Girls?
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Get to know the season’s winner in the back-to-back episodes of “America’s Next Top Model” (ANTM) Cycle 21 “Finale Part One: The Last Girl Standing” and “Finale Part Two: America’s Next Top Model Is…,” which aired last Dec. 5, 2014, 8:00 p.m., on The CW.  In these episodes, get shocked knowing the top three finalists, dance with the performance number of a popular k-pop girl band, and give a round of applause as a new top model is crowned.

Finale Part One: “The Last Girl Standing”

Tyra Banks visits the models in their suite. She shares her love for transformation. To spread that passion of hers, she attended a three-year course at Harvard Business School a couple of years ago. She successfully finished the Owner/President Management Program and pursued to be an entrepreneur. With that, she will launch her own cosmetics line, Tyra. The top four will star in its first commercial.

The challenge will welcome the models in the world of “beautytainment,” a term Tyra uses to describe making it fun and exciting for the beauty industry with antics. Tyra will be the director. Her cosmetics line even has its own theme song by Motown artist, STORi.

To make the commercial more exciting, ANTM Cycle 21’s eliminated models return and will team up with the top four. Adam chooses Kari and Denzel. Nobody picks Chantelle, so she goes with Adam’s team. Keith is not frustrated when Adam chose Kari. At least he will not get distracted. He chooses Mirjana because of her big eyes and full lips that can be perfect for the commercial. He also picks Shei. Will chooses Ivy and his BFF in the cycle, Raelia. Lenox wants Ben and Matthew to be on her team.

Tyra’s products have interesting quirky names. Each team will feature one product. Keith will do the Lip Model, Will the Sculpt in a Stick, Light in a Stick, Adam the Oops! Liner, and Lenox the Smack My Fat Lash.

During the hair and makeup session, guys share that they are intimidated with Lenox. She is the only girl in the final four, but the guys still see her as their strongest competitor.

Allison Harvard will do a cameo in the commercial. She shares with the models that she is currently living in the Philippines for five months to star in magazine covers and brand campaigns.

The shoot goes in a fast pace because it has to finish before 7:00 a.m. for the mall opening. Keith starts dancing funny during his shoot that Tyra invites Mirjana and Shei back for the camera because Keith is a “hot mess.” Will has to be half-naked so he struggles in his photo shoot at first. However, in the commercial’s humorous part, Raelia must contour his abs with the Sculpt in a Stick, Light in a Stick. After that, Will becomes confident suddenly and gives good shots. Lenox’s team does not receive any negative comments, and that intimidates other finalists more.

During the models’ Korean barbecue dinner, Adam becomes drunk again and says weird things. Will gets disappointed because he does not think Adam is a positive role model.

Right before the panel, the top four has their final photo shoot with Guess. Yu Tsai is their photographer. “I shot you guys first. Now, I’m shooting you last,” he says. Adam and Will receive every positive comment from Yu Tsai. Lenox is pressured to act sexy. Keith becomes uneasy at first because of his past conflicts with Yu Tsai.

Judges suddenly appear after the models’ photo shoot. Tyra confides that she saw the whole shoot through a monitor connected to the camera. The models are caught off-guard. Tyra chose their best photos.

Each model has colored and black-and-white photos. Yu Tsai says Will’s black-and-white shot can be an iconic campaign. Lenox receives mixed comments. Kelly Cutrone and Yu Tsai tell her she was overacting sexiness too much. Tyra commends Adam that his photos are “to die for.” Judges think Keith’s eyes are too mysterious that he cannot connect to the audience directly.

In the end, Adam wins best photo for the second time, two weeks in a row. Will is called to join Adam for the finals. Now, it is up to Lenox and Keith to complete the final three.

Finale Part Two: America’s Next Top Model Is…

Keith wins the third spot in the finals. It means America’s next top model is a man for the first time ever. Lenox leaves the room crying. “I hope my Dad is watching from above. And if he is, I hope he’s proud of me,” he says.

Will notices the top three finalists are too different from each other. He thinks his strength is movement because he is a dancer. Keith is good at being seductive and sexy. Adam gives strong photos.

Kelly welcomes the top three with the eliminated models at the venue of the Lie Sang Bong fashion show. They will walk along the river through a floating island. Kelly sends them to the hair and makeup to prepare them for the show.

At night, the venue is packed with people from Seoul’s top entertainment and fashion industry. Tyra opens the show and greets the Korean people in their language. 2NE1 starts their performance with their hit song, “Crush.” The models backstage are pumped up while watching 2NE1 through a monitor.

Tyra appears backstage and has an important announcement to the finalists. They get nervous thinking somebody will get eliminated in the last minute. With Tyra’s poker face gone, she screams, “Have fun!” Everyone is laughing out of relief.

Jourdan Miller, Cycle 20’s winner, opens the runway by strutting in her flashy blue dress. Everyone performs well on the runway, including some Korean supermodels. The top three shines in their high-fashion walk. Yu Tsai congratulates the models backstage for a job well done.

In the panel, Tyra reminds the top three what are the prizes at stake. They will have a chance to be in the fashion spread of Nylon magazine, represent NEXT models, and win a $100,000 campaign from Guess.

The finalists are judged first on their walk. Second is their Tyra commercial. Lastly, their whole body of work from the first photo shoot to the last. The result will depend on average social media score, challenge scores and total body of work.

Adam is the first to leave. “I’m leaving leaps and bounds from where I started,” he says as he walks out the room smiling.

In the end, Keith is the first male winner in “ANTM.” Will says Keith deserves to win. “I’m going back to small town Texas and they better watch out cause this big-time fellow’s gonna take over the world,” he says proudly.

“I can’t believe I’m America’s Next Top Model!” Keith exclaims with hands up in the air.

There you have it for the recap on “America’s Next Top Model” Cycle 21 Finale, which aired last Dec. 5, 2014, 8:00 p.m., on The CW. Watch out for the next cycle’s updates. For more updates about this show, including spoiler and recaps, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

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