America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 Recap: The Guy with Moves Like Elvis

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago

Feel the pressure of the upcoming finale in the new episode of “America’s Next Top Model” (ANTM) Cycle 21 Episode 14 “The Guy with Moves Like Elvis.” In this episode, the models enter the world of Korean soap opera, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley bring back old Hollywood in the modern streets of Gangnam District, and get to know the finalists for “ANTM” Cycle 21 Guys & Girls.

It is down to five aspiring models. Will Jardell, Shei Phan, Adam Smith, Lenox Tillman and Keith Carlos are thankful to be on the top five. Adam feels a tinge of regret though about showing in the panel last week smelling like alcohol. He thinks it is unprofessional and must learn how to control drinking.

Last week, Keith won best photo. He is proud to have two best photos in a row. His motivation to win is to become a positive role model for his nephews. His prize from last week’s achievement is Tyra Sweets( pun intended) because winners usually have the elegant room Tyra Suite as a reward. The Tyra Sweets box is full of pretzels, chocolate “rocks” and other candies; and Keith is happy to share it with other models.

While models eat on the dining table, Miss J presents their challenge for the week. Models will act in a Korean soap opera. The challenge wants to emphasize creating a connection with the audience. Lenox is nervous because she gets frazzled when people watch her act. The most difficult part is some dialogues are in Korean language.

Will feels uneasy for he has to act like a straight guy for the second time. Keith is pressured when he remembers his low score of 5 in a previous acting challenge. Shei cannot get the Korean words right. Adam, however, is overconfident in memorizing lines. Other models find it annoying when Adam stops reading the script and walks around claiming the challenge is easy.

The models go to the N Seoul Tower for the challenge. It is a tourist attraction known for “lovers’ locks” circling around the building.

The main characters of the popular Korean drama “Emergency Couple,” Jong Hoon Yoon and Clara, welcome them. They will also be acting with the models. Miss J stresses out Korean artists look like models but act well.

Will struggles in his role in making his voice deeper and even tries embodying Adam’s masculinity. Shei does not memorize some of the Korean lines. Lenox forgets every single line. Adam is happy everyone looks bad in the challenge. But in his turn, he forgets most lines as well. He even twists a lot that the camera finds it difficult to capture him. Keith goes blank at first but slowly starts making adlibs. He tries to sway Clara with his romantic moves. Clara likes Keith and giggles when she remembers he kissed her hand.

Jong Hoon Yoon and Clara give their comments. Keith had good emotions. Adam moved too much. Shei had a natural way of acting. Will said the Korean lines perfectly but needed more feelings. Lenox needed to work on her memorization, was a little nervous and must be more natural.

Keith wins the challenge again. Other models cannot believe he won. He receives $1,000 worth of sunglasses as reward.

For the photo shoot, models go to the “pulse and heartbeat” of Seoul, Gangnam District. Yu Tsai welcomes them and introduces their guest, Evilyn Presroe. It turns out it is just Tyra Banks dressing like her. The theme is old Hollywood with bright lights of the district. The girls will imitate Marilyn Monroe while the boys mimic Elvis Presley.

Lenox will embody Marilyn Monroe’s iconic “Seven Year Itch” pose with her skirt floating in the air, and the iconic pin-up pose will be Shei’s. Keith will do the “Jailhouse Rock” tiptoe, Elvis dancing will be Will’s, and Elvis playing the guitar will be Adam’s.

At first, Will has nice body movements but blank face. Tyra suggests posing like “dangerous Elvis.” When he still cannot get the right pose, Tyra comes up and demonstrates the right thing to do. After that, Will gets better shots.

Keith does not have a nice start because of his blank expressions. Tyra teaches him to jump as if he is tiptoeing, but Keith always fails. “It’s like nobody’s home,” Yu Tsai says. He confronts Keith that he is not doing well. Yu Tsai apologizes to Tyra for exerting too much effort in teaching Keith.

Yu Tsai says Shei looks like a drag queen and does not embody Marilyn Monroe. He tells Shei she is not giving a part of herself for the shot. After that, she performs better.

Lenox keeps on failing to get her legs right for the camera. Yu Tsai and Tyra shows pictures of Marilyn Monroe’s “Seven Year Itch” pose in front of Lenox. Finally, Lenox does it right and even enjoys herself.

Adam does well from the beginning. Tyra and Yu Tsai are shocked to see him so dynamic in a photo shoot. Adam concludes he does not need alcohol to loosen up.

In the elimination, Adam receives positive comments from the judges. Kelly Cutrone claims Adam has a “porcelain effect” in the shot. Tyra is proud to say “stiffy doo” left the building in the photo shoot. Kelly demands his photo to be in the cover of a Memphis newspaper.

Kelly says Shei looks old in the photo. Miss J thinks she has a nice “tooch” but needs more “sex.” Tyra suggests she needed more “umph” in the pose. Shei starts to cry, saying she tried so hard, and it was not portrayed in the photo. She thinks she is better than that.

Will is called “bus head” by Miss J because his head is too big for his shoulders in the photo. Kelly thinks it is cheap. Tyra proclaims “#WillieHunch” for Will’s signature pose, which is a bad thing. She also says a dancer like Will must not be instructed how to move.

Lenox has nice movement for Miss J. However, Kelly thinks Lenox has no sex appeal and does not like her legs. Tyra defends Lenox and believes styling is the problem. She still sees high fashion with Lenox.

Tyra thinks Keith also did the #WillieHunch. She emphasizes he has “no neck” in the shot, and she had to teach him for two hours on how to move properly. Tyra is disappointed on how he slipped down from his winning streak. “I thought like you was drinking the juice that Adam stopped drinking,” she exclaims. Despite Tyra’s outburst, Kelly still thinks it is a high-energy shot and gives him a high score of 9.

Adam wins best photo for the first time. When Keith is called to join Adam, Tyra tells him good thing he won the challenge. Will joins the two guys. The bottom two are Lenox and Shei. In the end, Shei is eliminated because she does not make good photos recently. Tyra makes her promise not to change her hair, and Shei gladly swears she will not.

Despite Shei’s disappointment in not winning for her mother, she still wishes the best of luck for Will and Lenox.

The finalists will star in Lie Sang Bong’s fashion show. He is known as the “Alexander McQueen of Korea.”

There you have it for the recap on “America’s Next Top Model” Cycle 21 Episode 14 “The Guy with Moves Like Elvis.” Watch out for the season finale recap. For more updates about this show, including spoilers and recaps, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

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