‘America’s Next Top Model’ End Confirmed! Tyra Banks Shares A Touching Message

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
‘America’s Next Top Model’ End Confirmed! Tyra Banks Shares A Touching Message
Tyra Banks Shared A Touching Message As ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Is Confirmed To Finally End

Tyra Banks become the icon whom models look up to, especially those who are dreaming of making it big in the fashion industry. A lot of these dreamers were given the opportunity to reach their goals through her show “America’s Next Top Model.” Now that is it confirmed to meet its end this fall, she can’t help but share a very touching message.

According to HollywoodLife.com, she posted on Instagram a picture of #22 last Oct. 14, 2015, which include a lengthy caption. She admitted that the 22nd season of the show must be the last for it is about time. Moreover, she expressed her utmost gratitude to all the fans who supported the show in its long 12 years of journey.

She can’t contain how proud she is about how the ANTM created an impact and became the bridge between the industry and the masses.

“#ANTM brought the intimidating modeling world to the masses. We were the first reality show based in the fashion world. I never thought my little idea would have people everywhere thinking differently about how they take photos. And I never thought we’d do 22 cycles.” Banks exclaimed.


Banks continued by reminding everyone to love themselves despite all the imperfections and flaws their body have, especially that she “set out to create a show where Perfect is Boring.” Hence, regardless of what one thinks he or she looks like, the model-producer hopes they learned valuable lessons and tips from watching the show.

Variety recalled that CW first aired the show on Wednesday which ran from 2004 to 2009. Then the show landed on a Friday night schedule in CW last 2012. The current cycle has a solid average of 1.25 M viewers per episode. Mark Pedowitz, CW President expressed his admiration for the people behind Top Model.

“I want to thank Tyra and Ken for all their years of success in establishing a show that was not just popular in the U.S., but all across the world,” Pedowitz said.

Don’t miss America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22, as we see aspirants guided by Tyra Banks hit the show’s runway for the last time.

Photo Source: America’s Next Top Model/Facebook

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