Amityville: The Awakening — Check Out Old Footage Of the Amityville House And Its Residents

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Amityville: The Awakening — Check Out Old Footage Of the Amityville House And Its Residents
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Amityville House is the place, which is associated with deep disturbing history of mass murder. After Ronald DeFeo Jr. murdered six members of his family in the house, things turned for the worse as the next family moving in started making other claims.

According to the Lutz family that moved in, there was a paranormal presence in the house, which forced them to move out within a month. After that, another family stepped ahead and bought the house, citing the same reasons.

They were aware that the house they were to call home had spun novels, film franchise and lots of fear in the hearts of people. But perhaps they were unfazed by all of that and chose to prove a point.

In an old and rare footage, the family called the Cromarty took a news crew around the house to negate all stories that the Lutz family allegedly made about the house.

With Amityville: The Awakening releasing soon, this kind of footage is what can provide the right kind of leverage that the movie might need. Here is what was found in the old footage.

Old Footage

The old footage begins with a narration as the narrator asks viewers a question. The question is how would anyone feel if ghosts and goblins of Halloween were to occupy their house all through the year?

The narrator also points out what was being said about the house and what kind of facts were being put in front of the entire country about it. Before it can ask another question, the segment cuts to two presenters talking about it.

Giving context about what happened, the first one goes on to inform how DeFeo Jr. murdered his entire family in their house in 1974 and how a year later in 1975, the Lutz family moved in only to be forced to move out in a month.

Lutz family’s horror

The Lutz family was not mixing words as the second presenter tells the reason why they moved out. According to him, a series of demonic possessions over the period of their stay forced them to move out.

Later in the segment, he proceeds to introduce Jim Cromarty and family who bought the place and moved in unfazed. The footage completely focusing on Jim allows him to explain as to why would he move to a place, which has had such bad name.

Cromarty family’s reason to move

Moving straight to Jim Cromarty, he explains that his uncles and aunts have played in the house and he too at one point of time has played in it. He mentions that he is aware of the murder that took place but he had his reason to buy the place.

According to him, the reason why his family bought the house was because it was a good buy and they loved the house for its beauty. The couple then explains how they changed the house in hopes that everything bad associated with it will go away.

They even mention that they made it a beautiful part of their community however because of tourists flocking around their place, the whole scene started to look insane. Mrs. Cromarty even pointed out unruly behavior of some people in the old footage.

Debunking Lutz family’s claim

The narration also states that because of the Lutz family’s 28-day stay in the house, the small piece of real estate became a global sensation. Addressing the things that were written about it in the bestselling novel The Amityville Horror, Mrs. Cromarty addresses that too.

Calling all the novels’ claims as not true, she further gives a few examples to prove her point.

Movie Pilot reported that despite the fact that the Cromarty family tried to debunk the entire paranormal angle in the old footage, it is still creepy to watch the house that witnessed one of the most gruesome murders.

According to the outlet, the Cromarty family too sold the house after a while and since then many families have owned it. The outlet however noted that co-incidentally all the owners that lived in the house did not stay for that long.

A new movie called Amityville: The Awakening will be releasing this year on June 30.

Check out the old footage here:


Photo source: YouTube/Movieclips Trailers

YouTube/Movieclips Trailers

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