Amusingly The Most Unlikely Pair: Clothing brand has David Beckham And Kevin Hart Twinning

By Ivy Candelaria | 2 years ago
Amusingly The Most Unlikely Pair: Clothing brand has David Beckham And Kevin Hart Twinning
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A teaser video from H&M featuring former football superstar David Beckham and funny man Kevin Hart came out that got the public curious on what’s going to happen next. (via Creativity Online)

Well, get ready to laugh out loud because the full version is out now. Read on for more exciting details!

The preview revealed that comedian Hart will be playing Beckham in a biopic called “I, Beckham.” With the full version of the video, we see how Hart studies Beckham for “research” and to help Hart with method acting. Hilarity ensues when the two are shown in identical H&M clothing in almost all of the scenes.

Unexpected pair indeed. GQ reports that fashion labels have been stepping their game up when it comes to their ad campaigns. Want proof? Remember Rihanna strutting through a palace for Dior and Justin Bieber playing drums in undies for Calvin Klein?

Fans will wonder why the 40-year-old Beckham hasn’t tried his hand at comedy. The almost seven-minute video shows Beckham and Hart with impeccable chemistry that makes it more hysterical.

Hart shadowed Beckham, ranging from simple observation to extreme (but funny) scenes like Hart mangling the English accent, asking how often Beckham drinks tea, joining the ex LA Galaxy player’s workout, and even watching Posh Spice’s husband as he sleeps.

“When you work with someone like Kevin, he naturally makes everyone around funny. So I kind of just went off his energy,” Beckham said. “There were about 60 people on set, and he walked on set and ‘Okay, no one look him in the eyes. He doesn’t like to be looked at in the eyes. David Beckham does not like to be looked straight on.’ So from the moment he walked in the room he was hilarious.” Beckham said.

In an interview, Hart said that Beckham requested for him to play the role. “First of all, the best thing about David is at this point in his life and career, is to see him approach his day so professionally. That was definitely a breath of fresh air, because you never know how people are going to be. I’m somebody that takes work very seriously, and other people’s time very seriously, and I got to see that he’s the same way. Very punctual, on time, never late, he showed up, did what he had to do, always prepared.”

“We definitely had material that was scripted but I was allowed to play, I was allowed to bring my personality to it, and because of that we got a lot of bang for our buck.” Hart added (via People Magazine)

See the video for yourself:

According to High Snobiety, Beckham’s 24-piece curated collection lands online and in all H&M stores that sell menswear in early October.

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Photo Source: People Magazine

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