Amy Hennig Reviews Violence In ‘Uncharted 4’ And The ‘Last of Us 2’

By Gemmie Caranay | 2 years ago
Amy Hennig Reviews Violence In ‘Uncharted 4’ And The ‘Last of Us 2’

Violence in video games proves to be very controversial, most particularly in the area of role playing game.  At some point, the fight has become just nothing but ordinary or the encounters are just a mere video game style and less realistic.

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Former “Uncharted 4” director Amy Hennig, talked about how movies are different with the games specifically on how the “The Last of Us 2” differs with other games.  While in some other games like the “Tomb Raider”, enemies end up like disposable stuffs, “The Last of Us 2”  on the other hand lets the gamers deal about life and death.  She pointed out that the style of the game plays a very important factor. It was very clever approach, to have the style be incorporated and is actually suited to the ruthlessness of the game. She assures that with this game, there wasn’t issue about the cognitive dissonance or inconsistent thoughts as the gamers relate to the story of the game. And she think it’s very clever style, and not a lot of can do that, Gamingbolt reported.

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With the “Uncharted 2” game series, many critics have indicated the irrationality of the “Uncharted 2” hero Nathan Drake bestowed as an amiable rascal while on a killing spree. Hennig admitted that they really intended to take that style of killing spree away from the game, trying to convince the audience that the style is too absurd. In the end she pointed out that the movie is so much different with game, Game Informer reported.  ovie is a passive game and the fans are the observer. Contrary to playing a game, gamers tend to identify themselves as the protagonists — and the gamers are responsible to hero’s action.

But what if a game like “Uncharted” might affect the gamer’s’ thoughts and behavioral decisions,  would you still do it?  Or make it less dissonant as possible?

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