Amy Poehler Stars In ‘Difficult People’ [WATCH TRAILER]

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Amy Poehler Stars In ‘Difficult People’ [WATCH TRAILER]
Amy Poehler

“Inside Out” star Amy Poehler is at it again. She is taking comedy to the extreme with the new show, “Difficult People.”

The new show is being produced by Amy Poehler for Hulu. The first episode of “Difficult People” is going to air on on August 5. It is an eight episode run and is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud and get your boss’s attention if you are sitting in your office cubicle and slacking off from work with a little bit of “Difficult People’. Which you should, because it is a good thing.

The teaser for the new show is fabulous to say the least. It shows two obnoxious people discussing their “hangry” ideas at a funeral service. They discuss restaurants, they fight with people sitting behind them, and they annoy the hell out of other people at the service. Trust Poehler to come up with a scene that familiar and elicit an “Oh I know people like that” reaction from us. One expects good things from a show that comes up with an extraordinary idea about our ordinary reality.

Amy Poehler is obviously going to have a greater fanbase with a show like that. Now that “Inside Out” is out, people want more and more Poehler in their lives. “Inside Out” has got the best opening for an original title on the box office. It beat “Avatar” for the best opening spot and that’s saying something. Pixar and Disney are already laughing their way to the bank.

Amy Poehler is famous for being the mastermind of the “Upright Citizen’s Brigade” that aired for three seasons on Comedy Central and left hilarity everywhere in its wake. She is also a 15 time Emmy award nominee. She has won a Golden Globe Award for her acting in the situational comedy “Parks and Recreation.”

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