Amy Schumer Thinks About ‘Trainwreck’ Victims Everyday

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Amy Schumer Thinks About ‘Trainwreck’ Victims Everyday

Everybody might remember the tragic incident that took place in Louisiana when a gunman opened fire, killing two and injuring nine others in the ordeal. Even though he committed suicide later, wounds of this gruesome incidence shall remain. Amy Schumer, the lead of “Trainwreck” broke down and pleaded the government to impose stricter gun laws. Following the tragedy, a woman named Sarah Clements wrote an open letter to Amy Schumer urging her to take up the cause. Amy’s response assured action on this issue.

According to US Weekly, Sarah Clements is an advocate for gun violence prevention since her own mother was in a similar situation back in 2012 when she survived the Sandy Hook Elementary School incident. Clements in her letter has urged Amy Schumer to take up this cause because it happened during her recently released hit comedy. In her letter she mentioned that she understands every emotion Amy is going through right now as unfortunately two victims lost their lives in the attack and expressed the anxiety the actress has for the victim’s families.

In the earlier version of the article, one of the name of the late victims was spelt incorrectly, however Amy in her tweet not only corrected the name but also mentioned that she thinks about both the victims Jillian and Mayci and her condolences go to their families. In her tweet she also assured that she will be doing something about the issue and everyone will see.

True to her words, Amy Schumer recently announced her push to combat gun violence in a press conference on Monday. With this she will be working with her cousin New York Senator Chuck Schumer with a proposed legislation on the same. We can all hope Amy succeeds in this endeavor of hers and is able to make some difference with this initiative.

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