Amy Schumer Turns Down Chance To Host ‘The Daily Show’

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Amy Schumer Turns Down Chance To Host ‘The Daily Show’
PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook\Amy Schumer | Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer confessed to turning down “The Daily Show” just like many of her colleagues, such as Chris Rock. The comedian was approached replace Jon Stewart filled as he recently announced that he would be leaving the show sometime in 2015.

Amy told the press that she wasn’t ready to make a long term commitment on the career front. She did, however, confirm that the offer had been made and that she had declined to work with the show. She declared that she was honored to be asked and considered. She said that working for comedy central had been a pleasure and she projects much love for the channel.

Amy has recently done a very funny skit on the Comedy Central where she portrays a peasant girl who is suddenly bumped up the social ladder and called to be a princess. The video is a hilarious anti-stand on the common misconception that being a princess is fun. Amy dazzles as the commoner, as much as she is winsome as a princess. The skit ends with a far-fetched scenario of beheading of the princess when the commoners revolt.

Amy Schumer’s next work will be as the lead actress in the romantic comedy, “Trainwreck.” This film has the same directors as the hugely popular hit “Bridesmaids” and is obviously something to look forward to in July. The film is going to be released on July 19, 2015. With an ensemble cast and a rocking production crew, the film is destined to be a box office success.

Meanwhile, Amy was also in the news for saying something that was misconstrued as a racist remark on Hispanics. She has since made clear that she is a comedian and she might occasionally make comments that make people watching her uncomfortable.

Photo Source: Facebook/Amy Schumer

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