Amy Winehouse Documentary to Scare Troubled Teens off Drugs in Thailand

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago
Amy Winehouse Documentary to Scare Troubled Teens off Drugs in Thailand
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Amy Winehouse’s troubled life and battle with substance abuse has long since being treated as a rock n’ roll cautionary tale. And now it is one, at least in Bangkok where social workers are treating wayward youth to the Winehouse documentary to “inspire” them to deal with their own problems. Read on for more details.

Winehouse, her obvious talent and her struggle with addiction that led to her untimely death, is the topic of 2015 documentary “Amy” by Asif Kapadia. Playing at Cannes and Edinburgh Film Festival, the film has been received with almost universal adulation, Rotten Tomatoes calling it,

“As riveting as it is sad, Amy is a powerfully honest look at the twisted relationship between art and celebrity—and the lethal spiral of addiction.”

Now, “Amy” has found an unintended use among the The Thai Health Promotion Foundation and the Stop Drink Network. On Wednesday, it arranged a drive to for nearly 100 boys from a local juvenile center to watch the movie. Swelling the ranks were university students and members of local youth group.

Speaking with the Associated Press (via CTV), Kamron Chudecha of the Stop Drink Network had this to say about their unique endeavor:

“I think Amy’s story is a real story that reflects real problems in the society, especially among teenagers. When Amy felt too much pressured, she acted out and started drinking, but she was gifted and she found that gift. It’s not too late for the students to find their gifts and learn from her mistakes,”

In the meantime, before the “Amy” documentary comes to DVD, a never-seen-before clip of Winehouse hanging out in NYC with a friend has surfaced online.

A happy Amy Winehouse, from before “Back to Black” and the drugs and the addiction, pretending to be a Russian tourist in an elevator. “Amy” will bring more such footage with its DVD release in December.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Amy Winehouse


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