Amy Winehouse Hinted About Early Death?

By Susmita Bhattacharya | 2 years ago
Amy Winehouse Hinted About Early Death?

The close buddies of Amy Winehouse revealed that the “Back to Black” hitmaker had assumed she would not live over 27-years of age.

Last Wednesday, while reporting to the press during the Toronto International Film Festival’s Documentary Conference, Asif Kapadia brought a bevy of truth about Amy in the light, which were unuttered till the time.

Asif had attended the festival with his Documentary “Amy” based on the “Love Is A losing Game” singer. According to the director Amy was a charming and amiable lady before she was flooded with fame. Her fame brought her to the edge of life and she had encountered a death very early at her age due to a tragic alcohol poisoning.

Kapadia went on explaining how Amy had been trapped with the hollowness of fame and gradually been addicted to incessant drug and alcohol consumption. The British director accounted that Amy was a kid at heart and her juvenile soul could not defend her from the unexpected doom.

Interestingly the close pals of the “You Know I’m No Good” creator expressed somehow a gradual decay of personal balance has signaled Winehouse that she would not cross the year and might face the ultimate denouement at that year. The incident we are talking about happened in 2011 when she was only 27 and most surprisingly she passed away on 11th July of that same year.

“I don’t think I’m gonna get past this age.” that is what Amy expressed to her close ones.

At the same time, the late singer’s best friend Juliette Ashby wants people to commemorate Amy for her legacy as opposed to the disastrous conditions involving her death. Kapadia has unbosomed the reality of Music and entertainment industry and ‘Amy’ has been a denunciation of the verity.

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Photo Source: Amy Winehouse/Facebook

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