An Ultimate Chain Reaction Created by  Thousands Mousetraps and Ping Pong Balls [WATCH VIDEO]

By rubina | 3 years ago
An Ultimate Chain Reaction Created by  Thousands Mousetraps and Ping Pong Balls [WATCH VIDEO]
A photo of a mousetrap very similar to James Henry Atkinson’s 1899 wood and wire ‘little nipper’ design.

While, everyone was planning out for New Year’s Eve party, Pepsi Max was organizing something different. Usually, in every New Year’s Eve, it’s been a tradition to gather together for the last countdown and the amazing display of fireworks.

This year, Pepsi had something else in mind, which was indeed very different from the traditional fireworks. But at the same time, it was as vibrant and colorful as the fireworks.

So what was so special that they had planned? Well, they created an incredible chain reaction with the help of mousetraps and ping pong balls. Isn’t that something wacky and cool?In the video below, they have captured the enormous explosion or the chain reaction  created by thousands of mousetraps and ping pong balls. They had to set up 1,650 mousetraps and 1,840 ping pong balls to create this viral video for New Year’s Eve.

So why did they do this? Pepsi wanted to advertise for its new drink, Pepsi Max, and at the same time inculcate the party mood amongst its fans. This video was organized by Pepsi and filmed by Harriman Steel. They place the 1,650 mousetraps in two different levels and then place the 1,840 ping pong balls over them.

They use one mousetrap as a catapult to throw the ping pong ball, which hits the other mousetraps and creates the explosion on the first level. The ping pong ball then enters the hole and goes through the pipe to the second level creating furthermore explosions.

This entire set-up was filmed for the New Year’s Eve and has gone viral. It is believed that this chain reaction can be used in the physics classrooms to teach students how the nuclear reactor works.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Jerry mouse



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