Anderson Cooper Opens Up About Being Gay

By admin | 6 years ago

Anderson Cooper, in an online letter, has told the world he is gay. He sent the letter to political blogger and friend Andrew Sullivan and said he has remained quiet about his sexual orientation because he wanted to make sure he kept focused on his work in journalism versus the goings on in his personal life.

He said it has become clear to him that because he remained silent about certain parts of his personal life, it has given a false impression that he was trying to hide something, something he might even be afraid or ashamed of. He said that was distressing because it simply was not the truth. The CNN journalist who is 45 said he has never hidden his sexuality from any of his family, friends or co-workers.

He said he is simply gay, always has been and will be always. He said he is completely happy with his life and could not think of being any happier. He wrote that he had always been honest and open about this aspect of his life with my family, my friends and my colleagues.

He wrote, in a perfect world, this part of my life is no one else’s business, but there is a great deal of value in rising up and being counted. He says he is not in any way an activist, but just a human being.

Anderson is the son of Gloria Vanderbilt and has won an Emmy for his news show on CNN.

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