Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone Admit They Want to Become Parents; Couple’s Wedding Ceremony Now Being Planned?

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone Admit They Want to Become Parents; Couple’s Wedding Ceremony Now Being Planned?
Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone to marry and have children?

Andrew Garfield recently revealed his heart towards being a father as Emma Stone previously shared her desire to be a mother. Does this mean a wedding is definitely going to happen between “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” stars? Read on for more details.

It seemed Andrew Garfield, 32, and Emma Stone, 26, are ready to form a family as the two shared mutual feelings on being a father and a mother.

Garfield, who has been dating Stone since August 2011, said filming “99 Homes” brought out his inclination on becoming a father, stating he had it somewhere. He also shared he was excited of the idea at the same time daunted and scared.

“I kind of thought, ‘Well, how do I do that? If I haven’t experienced it, can I do it?’ but then I realized that’s the situation of every single father in the history of time,” the American-English actor told Entertainment Tonight in an interview.

Stone also expressed the same tone of becoming a parent. Back in 2012, she revealed having children and being a mother are one of the things she loved to have in a few years.

“I would like to have a family. I don’t know when or how many kids I want, but it’s something I really like,” Stone said via a report by Irish Independent.

Their desires seemed to coincide with an alleged source by OK! who said Garfield wanted to form a family with Stone. The insider also revealed Garfield longed to be a father and it was something he would love to become, as cited in a Hollywood Life report.

This news went out in the wake of a rumor that Garfield and Stone gave each other some space after four years of dating. And when the two reunited, they were reportedly discussing it in which Stone told Garfield to take things slowly and build her trust again.

It seemed Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are set to marry sooner than later. Are they? No one knows. Readers, therefore, should take them with a grain of salt.

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Photo source: Eva Rinaldi via Wikimedia Commons/Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield

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