Are Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone Back Together? Maybe Not

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago
Are Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone Back Together? Maybe Not
andrew garfield and emma stone

Are Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone dating again? Or is their apparent patch-up just a well timed PR stunt? The rumor mill is divided. Read on to find out more.

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone “conveniently reconnected at the time Aloha was coming out,” an unnamed inside source revealed to Radar Online, claiming that the good timing was definitely not a “coincidence.” Further, the source claims that this faux relationship is going to be as impermanent as the last one. Stone is apparently leaving for good when she goes to shoot her new movie “La La Land.” The fact that Stone and Garfield do not live together anymore has only added fuel to this speculation.

On the other hand, the couple was spotted at a cafe on Venice Beach in Los Angeles. The Daily Mail UK reports that Garfield, 31 and Stone, 26 shared a romantic dinner and the two looked smitten with each other, and oblivious to the rumors of their future breakup. Stone has even gone on record to Wall Street Journal, stating that their relationship was, ” so special to me that it never feels good to talk about, so I just continually don’t talk about it.”

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, who starred in 2012’s “The Amazing Spiderman” as Peter Parker and his lover Gwen Stacy, respectively, decided to take the relationship off the screen onto the real world when they started dating. However, the romance was short lived as the couple broke up, and even the “Spiderman” franchise got rebooted. However, rumors of a rekindling of romance between them were sparked when, as previously reported, the couple was spotted walking hand-in-hand into a theater in LA, this July.

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