Andrew Garfield And Emma Stone Fighting: Signs of Over-Possessiveness?

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone may have gotten back together, but they are still not over their jealous feelings and over-possessiveness. If rumors are to be believed Garfield is jealous of Stone’s co-star, Ryan Gosling. Read on to know more.

Ah, the lives of rich and famous! They often fight over issues that seem petty and insignificant to us commoners. If Youth Health Magazine is to be believed, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are fighting again. It has only been like a couple of weeks since the couple got back together, but they have already moved into the war zone over the small issue of Emma Stone getting friendly with her co-star Ryan Gosling on the sets of “La La Land.”

It is apparent that Garfield is over-reacting. Gosling is still attached. He is still very much in love with Eva Mendes. And they are still doting over their little bundle of joy, Esmeralda.

But if OK Magazine is to be believed, this might just be a case of love pulling the strings of the hearts of the two stars and making them over-possessive of each other. The magazine reportedly confirmed that Garfield and Stone are planning of spending their entire lives together. Even after the split the two stars continued to be seen together time and again, making the fans and press speculate that maybe the spark of love never really died between them. And now that they have put aside their differences and decided to get back together, it is apparent that their love was meant to be.

This just goes to show that Garfield and Stone have taken their love to the next level relationshipwise. They do fight occassionally, but they always end up together. That is so sweet, just thinking about it gives us a toothache.

Do you think stars really do get romantically involved with their co-stars when they are shooting a movie? Do tell us in the comments section.

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Photo Source: Facebook / Emma Stone

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