Are Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone Only Showing Up a Front That They Are Okay?

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Are Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone Only Showing Up a Front That They Are Okay?
Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

Split rumors have been circulating Hollywood couple Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. It was reported that Garfield cheated on her former “The Amazing Spider-Man” co-star with a girl he met at a bar while Stone’s career is on its way up, leaving Garfield feeling neglected. However, no one has confirmed their breakup. And just recently, the two were spotted having dinner. Are they only showing up a front or are they really in good terms? Read on.

In April, OK! Magazine confirmed that Garfield and Stone are over. The outlet reported that Garfield regrets cheating on Stone with a girl he just met in a bar.

He says that he met a girl in a bar, and that he would never dream of doing anything like that ever again,” the source said.

A second insider told US Weekly that aside from the alleged cheating scandal, work obligations have gotten in the way of the couple’s relationship, pushing them apart more, “He’d been in a dark place for months, getting in his role.”

However, MSN was able to capture a video of the two sharing dinner at Cafe Gratitude and they look okay. Stone also opened up to Wall Street Journal Magazine about her relationship, which is very rare and this is what she said.

It’s so special to me that it never feels good to talk about, so I just continually don’t talk about it. There’s probably some rebelliousness that comes out in me after all these stories and people texting you for weeks about something that, for the most part, is not true. But even when it’s false, I would rather just let it be false. See, I never talk about this stuff for this exact reason – because it’s all so speculative and baseless.” Stone said.

Do you think Garfield and Stone have patched things up or are they just showing people that they are okay but in reality, are not anymore? Let us know by posting your comments below!

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Photo source: Facebook/Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

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