Andrew Garfield Leaving No Stone Unturned To Connect ‘The Amazing Spider Man’ With ‘The Avengers’

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
Andrew Garfield Leaving No Stone Unturned To Connect ‘The Amazing Spider Man’ With ‘The Avengers’
Andrew Garfield

There is no secret in the fact that when Andrew Garfield started living in New York City and kicked off working as “The Amazing Spider Man,” he had always asked the friendly wall crawler in the neighborhood to start meeting the Marvel comic characters that are there in the Avengers.

According to, during a recent interview during promoting “99 Homes,” his indigenous drama movie, Garfield gave some hints that he is trying to make Spider Man join the universe of Marvel cinema. Sadly enough, he still has lot of confusion regarding the fine points as to what is happening behind the scenes.

Here is what Garfield has said: From the very beginning he has been sending request to get along with Marvel. He is relieved now that the things have started moving now. He went on to say that all the ups and downs that he has gone through during his several attempts is something he prefers not to talk about to the public or in front of the press. In the end, all he has to say is that he is looking forward to going to theater and watch a Spider Man movie from Marvel Films.

It is clear from his talks that he is still moving a fine line and he does not want to mess things up and raise controversy before things are completely done. It is interesting to note that Garfield was so much keen to make Spider Man a super hero that he was aware from the very beginning that he needs to link up with The Avengers.

According to, it can be a little heart breaking that fans across the globe will not be able to see the original Spider Man from Garfield. When talking about the storyline for the next movie, Garfield was pretty clear with things. He worked along with writer Alex Kurtzman to come up with the next chapter. He is also planning to begin things from ground zero, it is the point they left Peter the last time. They will build things up from where they had left it in the previous flick.

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