Does Andrew Garfield Support A Pansexual Spider-Man?

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
Does Andrew Garfield Support A Pansexual Spider-Man?
Official Facebook/Spider-Man

Andrew Garfield may have given his throne to a teen-aged British actor Tom Holland, but he is not pulling his rein back from talking about Spider-Man. Read more to know in details.

In June, Gawker brought it to light that the studio executives had a firm decision to outline the man wearing the mask, Peter Parker or Spider-Man, as “caucasian and heterosexual.” In this regard, the 32-year-old Garfield, who played the role of Spider-Man/Peter Parker in both the movies “The Amazing Spider-Man” (2012) and “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” (2014), told Mic in an interview for his upcoming movie “99 Homes” that he “doesn’t give a shit about the sexual preference” of Spider-Man.

“I’m excited to get to the point where we don’t have to have this conversation where we can have a pansexual Spider-Man,” Garfield said.

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Garfield added, “The richness of the world we’re in, the diversity of the world we’re in; you look at the animal kingdom and you see it reflected. You look all over. What are we so scared of? Why are we so, ‘No, it has to be this way, a man and a woman,’ Why is that even a conversation?

Garfield is said to have been insisting the producers for a less strictly heterosexual Spider-Man since long. In 2013, he counter-asked the questions to Entertainment Weekly that why we always failed to discover Parker exploring his sexuality or why he could not be taken as a gay.

According to NME, “The Thick Of It’s” cast is going to make a surprising cameo on the cover of “The Amazing Spider-Man” comic book that is scheduled to hit the stand on December this year. In the upcoming comic book, we will find Peter Capaldi, Polly Kemp, Joanna Scanlan, James Smith, Chris Addison and Paul Higgins on the cover. They will be seen sitting inside a London bus.

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Photo Source: Official Facebook/Spider-Man

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