Andy Murray Wins The Davis Cup For The Nation After 79 Years Of Participating The League

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
Andy Murray Wins The Davis Cup For The Nation After 79 Years Of Participating The League
Andy Murray Is The New British Hero After Winning The Davis Cup—Championship Title For Their Nation After 79 Years Of Waiting

Andy Murray is a household name in the prestigious and competitive sporting world of tennis. He got numerous titles under his name: Olympic, grand slam, Wimbledon champion. Recently, he’s adding another feather in his cap with the distinction of being the first British athlete to bagged all these titles with the Davis cup.

According to BBC, he alongside with his teammates  (Dom Inglot, James Ward, Kyle Edmund, and Jamie Murray) had took home the Davis Cup which was last won by their country in 1936. After nearly 8 decades of this competition, it was a huge accomplishment indeed for the team, especially for Andy who secured the title by winning against Belgium in the final round.

When asked how he felt about the glorious moment, ESPN reported that he admitted it was overwhelming, “I’ve been pretty upset having lost matches before but I’d say that’s probably the most emotional I’ve been after a win.”


He continued to describe the euphoria of finally winning the Davis Cup, “It’s incredible that we managed to win this competition. I didn’t know that would ever be possible. It’s great.”

Andy Murray also acknowledged his teammates who have been with him throughout the entire league even if the center of everyone’s compliments and praises are directed towards him. He said, “But also I know this team extremely well. Because we’ve been together for such a long time, there’s a stronger bond probably between us than there has been in the past. And all of the players get on with each other, respect each other, and a lot of us are close friends. It means a lot to do it with them.”

As early as now, he is looking forward to a back-to-back Davis Cup title for Great Britain but hasn’t yet confirmed if he will suit up again for next year’s competition.

Congratulations Andy Murray!

Photo Source: Andy Murray/Facebook

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