Angelababy Gets The Most Lavish Wedding In The Chinese History

By Shreya Singh | 2 years ago
Angelababy Gets The Most Lavish Wedding In The Chinese History
PHOTOGRAPH: Instagram/angelababyct | Angelababy
One of the most famous Chinese actresses to date, Angelababy got married last thursday in the most lavish way. The marriage set a benchmark in the  history of celebrity marriages. Read further to  know more about this sumptuous marriage and the reason why the guests calling it moment that will always be cherished.
According to reports of, Angelababy married actor Huang Xiaoming and the event was attended by  2000 guests with each one given a goodie inclusive of mobile phones. The whole event cost Angelababy and her husband about £20 million.
Dior, the brand who designed the wedding dress of the actress, said that the gown was made of “35 metres of satin organza, 51 metres of tulle and featured a three-metre long train.” It took five months to make the dress.
And how could the party be completed without the wedding cake and if the whole event was so lavish how could they get this one ordinary. A three-metre tall cake was prepared for the special day.
It was Angelababy’s day and she made sure to enjoy it at the fullest, in spite of  undergoing facial treatment to prove that she had no plastic surgery in past.
The actress, whose real name is Yeung Wing, went through a series of X-rays and tests to prove a mere accusation of Beijing beauty clinic Ruili that claimed that Angelababy’s flawless beauty is because she has undergone plastic surgery in past.
After the whole drama of medical check-up, Angelababy has filed suit against the beauty Clinic for defamation and is seeking 500,000 yuan (£51,000; $79,000) in compensation.
The lead doctors, who carried out the test, reported that the actress had never undergone any plastic surgery, the only physical changes to her appearance has been orthodontics to re-align her teeth.
Keeping all the controversies aside, Angelababy is married and we wish her all the best for future.
Here’s the wedding album, enjoy the snaps of this lavish marriage.



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