Angelia Jolie’s Admits: One Can Madly Love A Person And Yet Want To Kill Him Or Her

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Angelia Jolie’s Admits: One Can Madly Love A Person And Yet Want To Kill Him Or Her
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The Hollywood power couple looks incredibly gorgeous in their new drama titled “By the Sea”. We are talking about who else, but the gorgeous Angelia Jolie and her actor husband Brad Pitt. Here is the complete story for you.

Angelia Jolie not only acted in the new drama, “By the Sea” but she also penned the story and directed it. The drama is about a seventies’ married couple, whose marriage seems to be on the rocks as they are seen travelling through France.

In this new featurette about the movie that was released recently, both Brad Pitt and Angelina open up about love.  They both had a good laugh after Angelina opined that relationships can have extremities. One can be madly and deeply in love with a person and yet want to kill him or her.

Brad Pitt takes the discussion forward by stating that the movie tries to portray the puzzle of discovering all those things that come in the way of loving someone truly. While some of those things could have happened in the past, a lot of them stem out of one’s insecurities. Sometimes wanting a person too much may lead to the other person focusing too much about losing him or her.

Angelina confesses, that it was simply beyond her imagination that one day her own script would hit the big screen. Even when she was writing the script for the movie, she never thought that they would be able to do it. So she wrote without any worries and gave the final shape to her script.

Brad added that they could safely experiment as well as play and the environment was such that they could let themselves loose completely.

The couple actually managed to do so. Some of the footages from behind the scenes show that Shiloh and Knox, their kids playing on set.

You can even see Brad Pitt lying on a bed while his wife is directing him. They have been also seen making  funny faces at each other.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

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