The Angelic Elizabeth Banks Is In Talks To Direct ‘Charlie’s Angel’ Reboot

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago
The Angelic Elizabeth Banks Is In Talks To Direct ‘Charlie’s Angel’ Reboot
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The divine Elizabeth Banks is in talks to direct a new “Charlie’s Angels” movie. Sony Pictures is restarting the franchise about the three beautifully lethal detectives, and Banks will be helming. Read on for more details.

Elizabeth Banks’ directorial debut “Pitch Perfect 2,” which made $69 million in its opening weekend, broke records for earnings made by a first-time director. It would appear that it has also propelled her to the big leagues, with her being set to direct the rebooted “Charlie’s Angels” at Sony Studios, The Hollywood Reporter reported.

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“Charlie’s Angels” which follows the three gorgeous and deadly private detectives commissioned to solve crimes by the unseen ‘Charlie,’ has already undergone several revisits since its inception on 1970’s television. Most famously, Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore starred in the big screen adaptation in 2000, and later in the terrible sequel, “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle.”

Elizabeth Banks is an accomplished actress, best known for her roles in “Hunger Games” and Sam Raimi’s “Spider-man” series. Given that she looks very much like she could step in to play an angel in the event of casting issues, we think she is the perfect person to direct the movie.

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She is currently neck deep in directorial projects, with an adaptation of the YA novels “Red Queen” over at Universal, and as a probable candidate for helming “Pitch Perfect 3.” 

It’s so far a good year for Elizabeth Banks. Recently, she appeared in the Beach Boy’s founder Brian Wilson biopic, “Love & Mercy,” in which she is playing the character of Wilson’s wife, Melinda Ledbetter.

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