Angelina Jolie Drops to 76 Pounds! Brad Pitt’s Ex-Wife Victim of Her Own Divorce

By Eva Artosilla | 2 years ago
Angelina Jolie Drops to 76 Pounds! Brad Pitt’s Ex-Wife Victim of Her Own Divorce
Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is the main victim of her own divorce. The Maleficent actress decided to pull the trigger for the demise of her marriage to Brad Pitt. However, it was not her husband who became the casualty. The divorce is killing her slowly, draining every bit of health from her body. She is down to 76 pounds!

When the Unbroken actress lost weight a few months ago, the entire Hollywood was worried. Rumors that she was dying circulated on the Internet culminated by the news that she had passed away. However, it was only one of those celebrity hoaxes. She was then 79 pounds.

After she filed for divorce, she plummeted down to 76 pounds as reported by Wetpaint. Angelina Jolie is a horrible sight in her skinny limbs. She is literally a walking skeleton. The divorce proceedings and the custody battle are taking a toll on the mother-of-six, the report added.

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The outcome of the federal investigation on the World War Z actor has added to the actress’ weight loss. Brad Pitt was declared not abusive to Maddox Pitt and to the rest of the children.

Result Of Brad Pitt Investigation Yielded Negative Of Child Abuse

According to the same source, Angelina Jolie was reportedly very angry when her ex-husband’s child abuse case on Maddox was dropped. The L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services found no proof of abuse on the teenager. Pitt’s tests on drugs and alcohol yielded negative results.

Inside sources claim that the actress is not eating properly these days. They fear that she might land in the hospital because of failing health.

Angelina Jolie or any of her representatives have not issued statements about the ongoing investigation. No reliable medical report was also available to confirm the health status of the actress. So it is best to take the above rumors with a grain of salt.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Angelina Jolie

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