Angelina Jolie Opens Up About All That Happening in her Life: Actress Gets Emotional

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Angelina Jolie Opens Up About All That Happening in her Life: Actress Gets Emotional

Angelina Jolie has so much going on in her life and she has been through a lot in the recent years. Most of it revolves around her kids, career and marriage to Brad Pitt. She recently spoke about all of it in an interview.

The Guardian, who was interviewing her, noted quite a few points about the “By the Sea” star. In the beginning of the interview, like any mother would, Angelina started to talk about her kids. Considering herself little mommy, she mentioned that her kids think she is weird. Her eldest son Maddox talks to her about writing while daughter Vivienne is really happy about she playing the role of a tiger in “Kung Fu Panda.” The interview also gave a slight feeling that Angelina in her career of 20 years has been waiting to reveal herself. She wants to break free but has been able to maintain control over everything.


The media outlet noted that the next thing coming they witness is Angelina’s tears, which she does try to keep to herself and something, which requires extreme control. The reason for her tears is managing to fight the two years of turbulent patch that hit her. First shock came in the face of a Breast Cancer scare. When she came to know that she had 89% chance of developing Breast Cancer, she had a double mastectomy done.

Everyone, including her, when thought that the threat was over when in March this year another Cancer scare hit her. This time it was the risk of her developing Ovarian Cancer for which she had her Ovaries and fallopian tube removed too. Despite all that has happened, Angelina believes she is at a happy place and feels more matured since even today her priorities haven’t changed.


In other news, MailOnline, added that Angelina Jolie graced the cover of Elle France recently. She has been on a promotion spree across Europe before her movie “By the Sea” releases in the continent. One can hope that the movie performs better at the European box office as compared to its poor performance at the US box office.

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