Angelina Jolie opts for Preventive Double Mastectomy

By admin | 6 years ago

Angelina Jolie the Oscar winning actress and movie director made a life changing decision. The 37-year old revealed in an article in the New York Times that she had a double mastectomy in order to lower her risk of one day developing breast cancer.

Her article was published in the Tuesday edition of the newspaper and Jolie said she went through the surgery in February that was followed by nearly three months of follow up treatment.

Jolie opted for surgery due to her high risk of developing the deadly disease. She wrote that her changes of developing breast cancer were 87% prior to surgery and has dropped to just less than 5%.

Jolie’s mother died at the age of 56 from breast cancer after battling the disease for more than 10 years. Jolie said she could now tell her children they do not have to worry that they too will lose their mother to the disease. Doctors also told Jolie she had a 50% risk of developing ovarian cancer.

Jolie’s partner and father to her six children Brad Pitt, was next to Jolie’s side for the surgery and follow up treatment and has been very supportive.

Jolie said she was extremely fortunate to have a partner like Pitt, who has been so supportive and loving throughout the entire procedure.

Jolie wrote that her mother was able to meet just her first grandchild before succumbing to cancer and that made Jolie sad knowing that her other children will not have the opportunity to know their grandmother and experience just how gracious and loving she was.

Jolie explained in detail the different procedures she went through and said that she received breast implants. She also said her children have seen her small scars, but with the implants, they see that everything else remains the same.

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