Angelina Jolie Suffers Weight Loss And Panic Attacks; Divorce Takes Its Toll

By Prabhu Prasad | 1 year ago
Angelina Jolie Suffers Weight Loss And Panic Attacks; Divorce Takes Its Toll
Angelina Jolie

The never-ending divorce saga of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is taking new turns by the day. The latter’s health is in jeopardy in the wake of separation.

Divorce isn’t the best thing that can happen to people; not quite. Matters close to heart always take its toll on the parties concerned. While some come out of it unscathed, most fall prey to its adverse effects. Angelina Jolie falls into the category of people whose health has taken a hit. Furthermore, she’s experiencing panic attacks and losing weight as well.

People reports the predicament Angelina Jolie is facing after an acrimonious split from Brad Pitt. She may have an upper hand over her ex-husband in the divorce battle, but the same doesn’t apply to her health. The Salt actress has become skinny and has panic attack episodes too. Turns out, she’s unable to get in terms with her new-found agony.

No sooner than a couple of weeks after the bitter separation, she’s drastically lost weight. Some sources are establishing 8 pounds of weight loss and that’s not a trivial loss at all. Matter of fact, she’s wired at the house and spends most of the time pacing around. To make matters worse, she has to bear the burden of comforting the kids even.

On a satisfactory note, Angelina Jolie is getting the help nevertheless. She and the kids are getting the help they are in need of. Earlier reports spoke of Brad Pitt’s struggles to cope up with the divorce. The current reports are, however, in contrast with the earlier ones and show Jolie at the receiving end.

In an unfortunate event, the actress couldn’t hold onto a glass of water even. She was shaking uncontrollably and spilled the contents of the glass subsequently. One thing for certain, it doesn’t look too well for the UNHCR goodwill ambassador. The nature of the split is proving too dear for the actress.

To summarize the whole affair, Angelina Jolie needs to get her act together for the sake of her children at least. It’s a pity what relationships can do to people.

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