Angelina Jolie Warns Rape Ideology Of ISIS; Urges Victims To Start Anew

By Neha Bakshi | 2 years ago
Angelina Jolie Warns Rape Ideology Of ISIS; Urges Victims To Start Anew
Angelina Jolie

The most popular and talented actress Angelina Jolie has notified how dreadful Islamic State (ISIS) militants are using rape as a strategy in order to build their twisted caliphate. The 40-year-old humanitarian gave the statement at the House of Lords committee along with evidences. Read on to find out more about the scoop.

With former foreign secretary William Hague on side, the “Wanted” actress described how ISIS leaders ask their militants to rape. The terrorist group has taken this up as their policy which no one has ever heard or seen before. Thousands of Yazidi women and girls have been abducted by ISIS; some of the rape victims tell the horror tale of their suffering and reveal that sexual violence has become a part ISIS ideology.

Jolie, as an envoy to United Nations, has been working on many projects for human welfare. She mentioned the details in front of UN peers and authorities as stated by Express Co UK.


Expressing her grief for women she mentioned that ISIS believes that this is the way to build a society, hence, it is termed as a policy by the group leaders. They recognise it as a very effective method and are using it like a key weapon for creating terror in their areas and nearby.

According to BBC, Jolie, who herself is a mother of six kids, thinks about the dreadful idea and say, what would happen if my daughter or myself would get raped, it is scary when I think about my family or kids. It is unimaginable if someone who did this gruesome act will walk free just like that after the crime.

Angelina Jolie urged the suffered women and rape victims to come out of the dark shadow and make a fresh start of their lives.

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