Anger Management is Bland TV Starring Charlie Sheen

By admin | 6 years ago

Charlie Sheen is back in the small screen with the FX sitcom Anger Management. This is his first project after his departure from Two and a Half Men. His first lines in his new project are “You can’t fire me, I quit. You can’t replace me with some other guy; it won’t be the same. You may think I’m losing but I’m not – anyway, you get the idea.” Charlie Sheen

Sheen plays Charlie Goodson, a therapist. He is a divorced father in recovery from his own anger issues and has the tendency to date hotties. He said the lines to an inflatable clown and he said it to describe the reasons why an angry person would want to punch an inflatable clown. Although the sitcom is based on the 2003 movie starring Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson, it shares nothing with it except the title. The sitcom shows scenes of group therapy facilitated by Sheen’s character.

In the past, Sheen has been ordered to get such therapy. The show’s creators must have found that to be irresistible. The premise seems to be a retort by the actor to his detractors and enemies as well as those who failed to recognize his talents.

There are people who expect Anger Management to either be awful or surprisingly good. But save for its material and language, it is just an old-fashioned sitcom. It is average at best. It is funny but not that funny. The jokes arrive one by one on time.

Charlie Sheen plays his role perfectly. He is not the walking disaster that was seen in tabloids and TV gossip reports. He is able to record a half-hour of comedy looking normal. Selma Blair plays his fellow therapist and ex-girlfriend.

Aside from Blair, other members of the cast of Anger Management include Michael Boatman as his neighbor friend, Shawnee Smith as his ex-wife, Derek Richardson as a member of Charlie’s group, Barry Corbin as a grumpy guy, and Brett Butler as a bartender.

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