‘The Angry Birds Movie:’ First Official Teaser Trailer Of The Movie Released!

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘The Angry Birds Movie:’ First Official Teaser Trailer Of The Movie Released!

Kids and possibly adults rejoice! It seems Christmas came early this time around. “The Angry Birds Movie” is going to lift the curtains behind the secret as to why the birds are always so angry. Though the movie is not releasing until next year, the first official teaser trailer of the movie is just what every “Angry Birds” fan wants to watch ever since the news about a film adaptation came out.

According to The Guardian, the game became a sensation hit in 2012 when everyone from kids to adults couldn’t just stop playing the game. Slowly the game lost its charm and despite all attempts to revive it, it couldn’t really make a mark. Just when you thought “Angry Birds” reign was over, Rovio Entertainment just dropped the first official teaser trailer of the movie and it has the entire internet flipping over how amazing the movie is going to be.

Put some real good Hollywood comic actors and you have a sure shot success. The trailer begins with Red (the red bird assumed to be the lead in “Angry Birds”) having a sandwich under a tree when three pretty birds start to flirt with him. Turns out, its not really for him but for a bird sitting just above him on a branch.

Looking at the first rejection, one might be able to infer that Red is not really popular and that is one of the reasons for his anger. He walks the streets of his hometown describing his mood as horrible and next we see him in an anger management session. That’s the kind of anger he has stored inside him.

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We see the two other familiar birds, the fast one and the bomb one, who are also there presumably for their tryst with anger. But looking at the fast yellow one aka Chuck, it seems he must be there for some other reason (read crazy behavior). Bomb one can also be seen mentioning that he has a habit to blow up if he’s surprised, which means he will be a delight to watch. The entire trailer shows a rather agitated Red and his worries are only going to increase when Leonard the Pig enters the scene.

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The Verge added that Jason Sudeikis is playing Red, Josh Gad is Chuck, Danny McBride is Bomb and Bill Hader is playing Leonard the villainous pig. “The Angry Birds Movie” will release on May 20th next year and it goes without saying people will be waiting for it.

Watch the trailer here:

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