Angry Grandpa Does It Again; Destroys PS4 [WATCH VIDEO]

By Martin Antonio Cruz | 3 years ago

Angry Grandpa does it again. And this time, he goes ape on the Playstation 4 of his grandson, Pickleboy.

Charlie Green Jr. is an old man with a really bad temper. As a matter of fact, his temper’s so bad that he’s become quite the infamous YouTube celebrity. Green is known to the denizens of the Internet as “The Angry Grandpa.” This 64-year-old man, his grandson Michael Green (a.k.a. Pickleboy) and the boy’s girlfriend Bridgette West (aka Princess) are the stars of the Angry Grandpa Show. You can view their YouTube channel here.

There’s something about conflict and general violence that attracts the average Internet user, and Angry Granpda delivers in epic reality show fashion. On his channel, you can see Charlie, Michael and, occasionally, Bridgette pulling pranks on each other. Given the rather violent nature of their characters, these pranks often end up in violent (although not exactly life-threatening) situations.

Take the PS4 incident for instance. In this episode, we learn that Pickleboy failed to bake Christmas cookies. Of course, Green shows up and sees his grandson on the PS4. This proceeds to drive the old man berserk, and he starts yelling his top off, even though he’s aware that he’s in front of the camera.

Michael, for his part, eventually owns up that he didn’t bake the cookies because he was afraid that the old man was going to prank him. This makes his grandfather even angrier, if that were possible. He then proceeds to take apart the offending PS4 with a pipe wrench. And when he’s done with that, he shifts his attention to the coffee table, which goes down faster than the PS4 did.

If this were an advertisement for the toughness of the PS4, consider me sold. I never thought that that machine could stand the assaults of a demented old man with a pipe wrench for very long. Pickleboy is evidently distraught (and in considerable shock) after the whole ordeal. I can’t blame him.

Of course, everything you see on the “Angry Grandpa Show” is staged to some extent. But there’s still something about the wanton violence in each episode that’s mesmerizing.

If you want to see the whole destructive thing, then watch the video below. Fair warning though: this isn’t for the faint of heart. 

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