Is Anna Faris Now ‘Scary Skinny’ Due To Her Marriage Troubles?

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Is Anna Faris Now ‘Scary Skinny’ Due To Her Marriage Troubles?
PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook/Anna Faris & Chris Pratt |

In case you are thinking that Anna Faris has become extremely skinny due to marriage troubles between her and Chris Pratt, you must read on to know more.

Well!! Gossip Cop confirms that it is an entirely false story that her sudden weight loss is caused by trouble brewing up between Anna Faris and Chris Pratt.

There have been reports claiming that Faris has become extremely skinny due to her marriage-related stress.

There have been rumors from some quarters that Anna is not very fond of the way girls are clinging to her star husband. It seems she like him better when women did not lust after Chris.

Her confidence is perhaps crumbling after Chris’s position is alleviated to A-category in Hollywood and perhaps that shows why she has reduced such a lot.

However, Gossip Cop has simply banished all these rumors and went on to say that Anna Faris is not only healthy and happy but her marriage with Chris is going pretty strong.

According to OK!, Chris had to shed quite a lot of his weight so that he could get into shape for his movie “Jurassic World” but he did not expect in all likelihood that Anna, his wife would drop pounds like that.

In fact, both Chris and her friends are extremely worried about her thin frame.

Apparently, Chris has been trying to make his wife eat but Anna says that she has been trying to keep healthy. Chris has been trying to improve his wife’s eating habits though it has been causing frictions between them. But Chris does not care as he is very worried about her being so skinny.

This simply goes on to prove that all is well in their paradise and any story that has been suggesting otherwise is simple inaccurate.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Anna Faris & Chris Pratt

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