Anna Faris Talks about High-Risk Pregnancy and Fear of Having Another Baby

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago
Anna Faris Talks about High-Risk Pregnancy and Fear of Having Another Baby
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/Josh Jensen | At the premiere of “Moneyball”, directed by Bennett Miller, during the Toronto International Film Festival, 2011, 9 September 2011.

Having a child is every couple’s dream, for the child serves as a living proof of their relationship. And though Anna Faris and husband Chris Pratt already have one Jack in their lives, Faris is keen on having another child. But as it turns out, a shadow looms over that dream.

Health magazine features Anna Faris in its April 2015 issue, showing off her beautiful figure in the magazine’s cover page. Inside, readers get to see the real Anna Faris, who is revealed to be one of the lucky girls out there who doesn’t worry about loading on the carbs yet still manages to keep the swimsuit figure girls are dying to have.

Her husband Chris Pratt apparently encourages his wife’s diet-free lifestyle and they would often eat meat that he hunted down himself (like the antelope sausage Faris mentioned having for breakfast prior to the interview!).

Later in the interview, talk veered into Faris hoping to have more children. However, more than two years ago, Faris and Pratt had a pregnancy scare when their son Jack was born premature. Fortunately, Jack turned out to be okay, though complications have arisen on the possibility of having another child. “[Now] I’m, like, a high-risk pregnancy, so it requires some different monitoring. My doctor’s like, ‘I don’t think you’ll have to be on bed rest the whole time.’ And I’m like, ‘I’m on a show’,” referring to the CBS TV series ‘Mom’.

Faris admitted that she is planning to have a good talk with Pratt and look up on other options to have another kid in the family. Regarding her husband, Faris gushed on how lucky she is to have a husband like Pratt who not only shares her interests but also works in the same industry as her. This makes things easier for them to talk down.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Josh Jensen

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