Anna Kendrick and Ben Richardson Planning Their Marriage? ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ Star Takes Six-Month Break

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago

“Pitch Perfect 2” star Anna Kendrick recently said in an interview that she wanted to give herself a break from acting for six months. Are Kendrick and Ben Richardson planning on their marriage? Read on for more details.

Anna Kendrick, 30, wanted to rest for a while from making movies and reevaluate her priorities.

“At some point I’ll have to take a good six months off and not make movies. But working for 14 hours a day for months at a time is not sustainable,” Kendrick told Elle in a September issue via report.

Kendrick went on to say that she liked the idea of exploring the world and enrich herself. For her, investing in these things is beneficial.

Kendrick also shared one terrible advice she received during her younger years: to not have a backup. When she wanted to work on something, she confessed of having this “singularity of focus” that would tend her to never consider doing other things except what’s in front of her.

Since the “Pitch Perfect 2” star had no backup plan, Kendrick confessed that she had nothing in mind of what to do if she was not successful in Hollywood. Because of this, there was no choice for her but to give the best shot as there is no turning back.

Overtime, Kendrick had bagged multiple awards such as Choice Movie – Chemistry (with Brittany Snow) in Teen Choice Awards, Choice Movie – Hissy Fit, Choice Movie Actress – Comedy, and others. And one of those people she was thankful for for reminding her to enjoy every moment of her life, and to strike while the iron is hot, was “Into the Woods” co-star James Corden, 36.

Kendrick pointed Corden telling her at the Oscars to enjoy herself because her 13-year-old version would “punch” her if she chose to dwell on the negative. Well, that was one good piece of advice – a buffer for the terrible advice.

There are rumors swirling around the “Pitch Perfect 2” actress pointing her to be secretly engaged with beau cinematographer Ben Richardson. Daily Mail noted her wearing the same ring she had in their Hawaiian vacation last month and while strolling on the streets of NYC the previous week.

When asked if she is about to tie the knot with Ben Richardson, Anna Kendrick seemed to go with the idea of getting married until reaching 30s. Well, she’s now 30.

So does this mean marriage is on the way? Does a six-month break imply a wedding preparation? No one knows.

Hence, readers should take rumors with a grain of salt.

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