Anna Kendrick Finally “Made It” To TIFF

By Shreya Singh | 2 years ago
Anna Kendrick Finally “Made It” To TIFF
Anna Kendrick

All’s well that ends well. The saying is very much correct for “Mr. Right” star, Anna Kendrick. Her trip to Toronto, to attend the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) was almost cancelled. Read on for more details.

The 30-year-old Kendrick  bought an airplane ticket to Toronto at LaGuardia airport in New York but later she acknowledged that the fight has taken off at  JFK, another airport in New York.  Taking a long drive, the actress reached Buffalo from the JFK airport and then to the border.  Finally, Kendrick accomplished the mission Toronto International Film Festival, reported The Toronto Sun.

Sharing the news on twitter with her well wishers the actress posted, “Small (enormous) travel drama has delayed my TIFF arrival but I’m no quitter! Just drove across the border!!!”

However all this drama made her miss the press conference but she managed to attend the premiere.

Apologizing for missing the talk with press, she said “I’m sorry I’m missing the press conference but I’m excited for the premiere! See you guys tonight! ”

On Saturday night, while talking to media at the red carpet at Roy Thompson Hall, the actress didn’t miss to mention about the incident. She said that travelling to Toronto was a complete mess, she almost cried but somehow drove to border, a place in Buffalo and is really thankful to those who let her in their country.

Kendrick is seen in “Mr. Right”, the story of a girl who falls for a man whose is a hitman by profession. While in the conference, Sam Rockwell told the media that they had so much fun with dancing for the film. Being a non-dancer, it was a great learning experience from the choreographer of the film.

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