Anna Kendrick Says WTF to Hollywood’s Gender Bias

By Mradula Mahajan | 3 years ago
Anna Kendrick Says WTF to Hollywood’s Gender Bias

As we all know that Anna Kendrick is one of the most humoristic and witty actresses in Hollywood at this moment but until now we had no clue that she took the feministic issue this seriously. In her recent interview with the June issue of Glamour, Anna said that being an actress is one of the toughest jobs in Hollywood where there is a monopoly of the male actors. Read on for more details.

According to E! News, the American actress and singer who worked in famous films like, “High Society,” “Up in the Air,” and “Twilight Saga,” said that according to her all the nominations for the Best Picture category in the Academy Awards of 2014 went to all the male actors and apparently now she has to wait for being cast in a movie, whose name she didn’t take. It was because the production house is still trying to lock the actors first. In her later part of the interview she added, “what the f–k? You have to cast for female based on whose cast as males?”

Now if we go for stats then “Whiplash,” “Birdman,” “Grand Budapest Hotel,” “American Sniper,” and arguably, “The Imitation Game” and “Selma” all had only male leads. Not counting the last two, that is 50% of the best picture nominees without a female lead. Counting the last two, that is 75%. So, Anna indeed has a valid point that there are many actresses in Hollywood at this time. They can break all the records if they are chosen wisely and not by the demand of their counterpart.

This frustration of Kendrick is not new to the Hollywood. Over the years many actresses like Marilyn Monroe has also felt this way that they are chosen against a certain actor because of the talents of certain actors but according to these actresses it should be vice versa.

Kendrick is going to star in this month’s “Pitch Perfect 2” and this BAFTA and Academy award nominee actress is talented and yet she has nothing to show off from her fame.

Well, in all the seriousness, the artistic cinema world thinks that it’s better to get inducted into the National Film Registry than to get an Oscar nod because getting into the NFR means you made something with so much artistic and cultural import that they have to preserve at least one copy of it for all eternity.

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