Anna Kendrick Talks About Marriage with Ben Richardson At Age 30; ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ Star Shows Excitement

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago

Anna Kendrick recently shared her thoughts about what it meant to reach the age of 30 as well as considering marriage in an interview. Is the “Pitch Perfect 2” star ready to tie the knot with beau Ben Richardson? Read on for more details.

Anna Kendrick said she started calling herself 30 upon reaching 29.

In fact, Kendrick revealed in an interview with that she was preparing herself for that age. And when asked what it meant to be 30, she was excited and said, “I know you have to [put up with a lot of ********] in your thirties as well, but you can always say, You know what? I’m 30-*********-years-old, so I’m going to go home before 2 a.m. because I can.”

As opposed to other people who worries about this certain year, Kendrick was positive of finding out what lies ahead beyond her current age, which she just celebrated last Aug. 9.

Although Kendrick confessed that 29 was the year she felt desperate in holding on to her twenties, she later realized that she does not have to do it. So, she began telling herself that she is 30.

About her dream of doing at 30, Kendrick said the very things happening right now in her career are the ones that she always wanted. And she was thankful for James Cordon, 37, who gave her one great advice – to enjoy herself, especially the good things happening in her life.

Kendrick also revealed that she is going to take a month off or something and rest in her own home. During her vacation, she hoped to learn how to cook food, especially a decent apple pie.

But what could make avid Kendrick fans excited is the fact that she previously considered the age of 30 as the year to consider marriage. Of course, this is none other than with her beau Ben Richardson.

In a previous interview with, Kendrick said, “Well, my parents got married late, so I just assumed that people didn’t even consider marriage until they were in their 30s.”

So, is this reason for the excitement of the 30-year-old “Pitch Perfect 2” about this magic number? Does this imply an imminent wedding of Anna Kendrick and Ben Richardson in the days or months to come?

Well, no one knows unless she exclusively confirms it. Hence, all speculations should be taken with a grain of salt.

Check out her Twitter posts where she talked about anxiety, cooking, and a wedding cake for her birthday.

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Photo source: Mingle Media TV via Wikimedia Commons/Anna Kendrick

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