Anne Hathaway Is A Big Fan Of Mariah Carey; ‘Intern’ Actress Seen More Than Delighted!

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Anne Hathaway Is A Big Fan Of Mariah Carey; ‘Intern’ Actress Seen More Than Delighted!
Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway was doing fine at the red carpet premiere of her new movie, “The Intern,” until Mariah Carey stepped on it. Hathaway is so taken by Carey that following Carey’s entry, she could only talk about Mariah Carey standing at arms length and how flustered she was feeling because the diva was there to attend the premiere of her movie.

We normally feel weak at the knees in the presence of our favourite stars and so did Hathaway felt then. Apparently, even big stars feel that way when they are in the presence of bigger stars.

Anne Hathaway was so flustered by the Diva Mariah Carey’s presence at the red carpet premiere of her new movie, “The Recruit,” that all she could do was talk haltingly and incoherently while Carey was standing next to her.

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Anne told the people doing her video that she was a big fan of Carey. She confessed to loving Mariah’s song, “We Belong Together.” Then she told the press that she was in the “best glamorous ever.” Then she noticed that the sentence didn’t seem to make any sense and was grammatically incorrect. So she told the press that she wasn’t always like this; she had been to college, she joked.

The rest of the interview with Vanity Fair was transformed into a fanatical fan act, with Anne Hathaway getting more and more excited as Mariah Carey walked closer and closer to her. “She’s now an arm length away.”

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Anne declared to the interviewer and then asked them to adjust the camera angle so the frame would include her along with Mariah Carey. The cameraman obviously obliged and the interview became more hilarious than ever.

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This news comes via Vanity Fair and Cosmopolitan UK.

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Photo Source: Facebook / Anne Hathaway

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