Anne Hathaway’s ‘Colossal’ Movie, A ‘Godzilla’ Copycat?

By Mradula Mahajan | 3 years ago
Anne Hathaway’s ‘Colossal’ Movie, A ‘Godzilla’ Copycat?

It seems like Anne Hathaway’s new film, “Colossal” is in big trouble. The film that is produced by Voltage is sued by the Japanese company, Toho claiming that the film is very similar to “Godzilla.”

Anne Hathaway starrer, “Colossal” follows the story of a woman who realizes that her mind is strangely connected to a giant lizard which is on a mission to destroy Tokyo. The base of the story is quiet similar to the “Godzilla” and at Cannes Film Festival, “Colossal” is being described as “Godzilla” meets “Being John Malkovich.”

In an official complaint filed by Toho Co. Ltd. in California federal court, the company claimed that the makers of “Colossal” have brazenly produced, advertised and sold an unauthorized version of “Godzilla” on their own. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Toho Co. Ltd., has also filed an infringement suit against the makers of “Colossal.”

The film is written and directed by “Timeframes” director Nacho Vigalondo. In an interview, he said that the film he is going to make will be the cheapest “Godzilla” movie ever made.

“I’ve got an idea that’s going to make it [the movie] so cheap that you will feel betrayed,” he added.

The lawsuit filed by the Japanese company is currently focusing on the efforts made by the filmmakers of “Colossal” to publicize it. The “Godzilla” owners also claimed that the filmmakers of “Colossal” has sent an email blast on May 9, 2015 to all the potential investors along with the sales agents and distributors in which they have attached a document written by the director along with movie stills from the original Godzilla.

The Director’s note attached in the email makes it clear that the filmmakers are not only calling “Godzilla” as their own creation but also intend to use in their film just like the way it has been used by the “Godzilla” films made under Toho Co. Ltd.

It seems like Voltage messed with the wrong company. Toho Co. Ltd., is very protective of their copyrights and something this blatant is beyond reckless and is going to hurt the filmmakers of “Colossal” very immensely.

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