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Anne Hathaway

They have been dating from 2006 after her relationship ended with previous boyfriend Raffaello Follieri who was subjected to FBI charges after being charged for money laundering. Everybody are waiting to see Anne in the controversial cat suit from the movie The Dark Knight Rises, well the initial pictures have been leaked on the internet and she does look good in the cat suit, but some online websites as well as television channel have said it’s too lame and doesn’t have much to offer, well time will say what can the cat look do but that is when the film hits the theatres across the world. The movie is going to release in July 2012, so all you cat women fans be ready for a mega surprise.

Anne was recently spotted at the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center’s for the Honoring of Rachel Zoe on Jan 23rd where she looked stunningly beautiful. Recently the trailer of the Dark Knight Rises has been doing rounds on television commercials which are a real treat for all you who have been impatiently waiting after the previous successful movie.

Anne was looking gorgeous at the Kennedy Centforer Honors Gala recently; she was seen in a Giambattista Valli colored black gown which everybody liked. She will also be seen staring in the French movie called Les Misérables based on Victor Hugo’s typical novel situated in 19th-century France which will be released this year, currently it is under pre-production stage.

Anne Hathaway is very much inspired by Kate Middleton that’s why she wants to become like her. She loved the royal wedding so much that she wants to think about it every time Anne Hathaway recently did the Splits for Meryl Streep as a tribute to the veteran actor with whom she starred in the movie the devil wears Prada.

The movie was a huge success and Anne’s role was very much appreciated as she was lead in the movie. Such successful movies helped get her the role of the cat women; the look of the cat women has been kept a mystery like other batman movie, but as usual the internet is a great source to get leaked images.


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