Ansel Elgort Opens Up About Being A Celebrity; He Likes Being Just Ansel!

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago
Ansel Elgort Opens Up About Being A Celebrity; He Likes Being Just Ansel!

Ansel Elgort of “The Fault In Our Stars” has won our hearts in far more ways than possible. The cute American dish has yet again given us butterflies with the new Teen Vogue cover shoot. Ansel Elgort will be seen gracing the cover of Teen Vogue for their September Issue. During the interview, Ansel opened up about being a big celebrity now and the way he likes to be just a boy.

Ansel Elgort admits that he thinks of himself in a very complicated way. Elgort, 21, goes by stage name “Ansolo,” but that was not his first choice. He used to have stage name as “Hanzolo.” Ansel’s dear school friend told him that the name is stupid and he better pick up “Ansolo.” That day, and today, the talented actor, music producer and DJ, Ansel Elgort uses stage name “Ansolo.”

Ansel Elgort opens up about the weird feeling of being an actor. He thinks of himself as many different people, one is a big celebrity, other is ‘Ansolo’ and there is this boy, Ansel. Elgort also opened up about Oscars and how his hand luggage has only one pair of clothes only.

Ansel Elgort says, “I’ll go places with only a change of clothes and my computer.” Elgort admits that he forgot to pack even for Oscars and for four days ceremony in L.A., he wore the same thing until it started to smell after a hiking trip.

Ansel also said that a year before he was just watching these awards on television and now he is part of them. He described his Oscar visit as, “The day of the Oscars, I go from looking like a slob to wearing a gorgeous Prada suit. It is like living in two different worlds. But I don’t care. I was fine! I would just go down to the hotel pool in my underwear.”

Ansel Elgort surprised us all in the perfect cameo in “Paper Towns.” He will next be seen in “November Criminals” and is currently shooting “The Divergent Series: Allegiant – Part 1”. While his “November Criminals” is still undated for release, “Allegiant: Part 1” will be released on March 18, 2016.

Watch Ansel Elgort Behind The Scenes from Teen Vogue Cover Shoot:

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Image Source: Facebook/ Ansel Elgort

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