Ansel Elgort Thinks Playing Spider-Man Would Be a Big Commitment

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Ansel Elgort Thinks Playing Spider-Man Would Be a Big Commitment
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As Marvel and Sony Pictures are still looking for a younger actor to take Andrew Garfield’s place in the “Spider-Man” franchise, Ansel Elgort clarifies on the rumor that he’s also shortlisted for the part. During an interview for his latest film “Insurgent,” the actor said that playing the role would be such a “big commitment.”

Talking with Screen Rant, Elgort remarked that as far as superhero movies go, he’s partial to “Captain America and thinks the film is quite “dope.” But considering himself in the role of a superhero would be a different thing altogether.

“I like Captain America, I thought that was a dope film, really cool but I don’t know, I’ve never done [a superhero role],” said Elgort in the Screen Rant interview.

“I think it would be a big thing to do and a big commitment,” he added.

The young rising star, who has only done “Divergent” and the sequel “Insurgent” as his action flicks, has yet to beef up his credentials under this genre. But as Screen Rant notes, the role of Peter Parker requires someone who can also do drama, which Ansel Elgort has proven he can deliver, such as in the movie “Fault in Our Stars.”

The actor also has the right look for the part, with his harmless persona and boyish appeal. It’s one of the qualities Marvel and Sony are reportedly looking for in the new Spider-Man. In addition, the studios intend for whoever will play the role to be attached to this for at least a decade.

Should Elgort get the part of Peter Parker, it would be the third project he’ll do with his “Insurgent” co-star Shailene Woodley. The actress, who played Mary Jane Watson in the earlier “Spider-Man” movies, has expressed that she is willing to reprise her role if given the chance.

During a video interview with Clevver Movies, Woodley actually didn’t know that a “Spider-Man” reboot was being planned and she got excited upon learning about it. She enthusiastically said yes to the idea of reprising her role.

Dylan O’ Brien of “Teen Wolf” was also previously rumored to play Peter Parker, but the actor denied he auditioned for the role.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Divergent

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