‘Ant-Man 2’ Movie Update: Kevin Feige Is Unsure Of The Sequel, Michael Douglas Hasn’t Signed Any Deal

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
‘Ant-Man 2’ Movie Update: Kevin Feige Is Unsure Of The Sequel, Michael Douglas Hasn’t Signed Any Deal

After the release of “Ant-Man” in June 29, 2015, the movie became highly acclaimed earning an approval rating of 80 percent by Rotten Tomatoes, 64 percent by Metacritic and ‘A’ Grade on an A+ to F scale by CinemaScore. The ratings show how the movie had delighted and amused the fans across the world. It seems the next few years could be monopolized by Marvel for the list of upcoming movies like “Captain America: Civil War,” “Guardians of the Galaxy 2” and  “Spider-Man.” But isn’t it usual to demand another sequel of such a big hit “Ant-Man?” Read on.

Although the fans and viewers are much sure that “Ant-Man 2” is in the list of Marvel Studios, but neither the director Peyton Reed nor the production company itself confirmed their future plan of adapting another franchise. According to Ecumenical News, even the American film producer and president of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige is unsure whether or not “Ant-Man” will have its sequel in future.


“The answer is I don’t really know. We’re entering a territory that’s an incredible problem to have, which is too many franchises to navigate. That’s a very high-class problem and if we are faced with that high-class problem, we will try to find a solution for such problem,” Feige said in an interview with io9.

On the other hand, when there lays no confirmation for another sequel, some plot rumors have already touched the ground claiming that Evangeline Lilly’s character Hope Van Dyne would be present in the unverified film “Ant-Man 2” and would have an important role with Ant-Man himself.


In the meantime, Michael Douglas, who is known for his character Dr. Hank Pym, said to Yahoo! UK that he had not signed any deal for another sequel of “Ant-Man” film.

“I’ve learned a whole lot and would look forward to more if it comes my way but if not I’ve enjoyed the experience,” Douglas added, as also confirmed by Vine Report.

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