‘Ant-Man’ Action Figure on Display in Comic-Con

By Anshul Hardikar | 3 years ago
‘Ant-Man’ Action Figure on Display in Comic-Con

Marvel’s “Ant-Man” the smallest superhero the comic world has seen, does not really believe in doing things his size. He rather prefers something more extravagant. For the same reason, the superhero’s action figures are going to hit Comic-con in a slightly different way. Read on for more details.

According to Yahoo! Movies, toy maker Hasbro is going to launch two different versions of Ant-Man action figures. First, one will be a 0.75 inch figure which is said to be smaller than a penny. Hasbro has been pointing the action figure as a “really big ant.” This action figure is also said to be the smallest action figure that the company has made. It will cost around $9.99 and is modelled on the latest version of the hero, Paul Rudd’s version. The packaging is also quite attractive as it resembles the size of a match box.

The second version is more of an elaborate or the deluxe pack. It will have all the forms of Dr. Hank Pym who was the first Ant-Man and will include all the other heroes he portrayed. This collection of action figures will also include Rudd’s version of Ant-Man.

The sizes of these action figures are very specific. In this deluxe pack one can find a 12-inch Giant Man, 6-inch Goliath, 3.75-inch Dr. Hank Pym (who can be seen wearing a lab coat), 1.5-inch action figure of Rudd’s character Scott Lang’s Ant-Man and finally Dr.Hank Pym’s version of Ant-Man which is literally an inch. The idea behind the deluxe pack is to show the shape-shifting ability Dr. Hank Pym’s different suits have.

Considered as one of the founding members of “The Avengers,” Dr. Hank Pym in the movie decides to pass on his Ant-Man suit to thief Scott Lang who wants a chance to change his life. Fortunately, Dr. Pym discovers him and gives him a shot at redemption. Yellow jacket is said to be the antagonist of the movie. He also has an evil plan that Ant-Man has to stop at all costs.

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