‘Ant Man’ Digital and Blu Ray With Additional Scenes To Be Released in November and December?

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
‘Ant Man’ Digital and Blu Ray With Additional Scenes To Be Released in November and December?
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Before, fans and die-hard fans of a particular film or movie always had to wait for some time until a good DVD copy or a Blu Ray version of the film was released into the market. However, today, thankfully, one doesn’t need to wait that long for an official digital version or a Blu Ray version to come out, such as one of MARVEL’s summer hits, “Ant Man,” as the official digital version and a Blu Ray version will be released in the last two months of this year. Read on to learn more about this story.

MARVEL’s “Ant-Man,” which came out last July, was an unexpected delightful treat, which allowed movie goers and comic book fans to watch a fun superhero movie in a smaller scale, pun intended.

This November 2015, the film, according to Entertainment Weekly, will be releasing a digital HD version, while the Blu Ray DVD version will be released on December 8, 2015.


However, both versions will be chock full of bonus features, additional scenes, and a commentary from both Peyton Reed and Paul Rudd, who also explain some behind the scenes facts and discuss what things made the cut and what didn’t, as the scenes go by.

Reed teased that fans of the film will be delighted with the bonus features, as they had included several bloopers, and a lot of outtakes with the cast, dancing on set, and in Rudd’s case, in and out of the Ant-Man suit.

Aside from this, according to Comic Book.com, one of the deleted scenes that had also been shared on Entertainment Weekly features a very interesting MARVEL and “Iron Man” easter egg.

The deleted scene, with an audio commentary from Rudd and Reed, takes place during the part where Darren Cross (Corey Stoll) is explaining the shrinking technology to various potential buyers.

As the camera moved along with Cross, Reed explained that they had actually planned to show the practical and beneficial uses of the shrinking technology, but those didn’t make the cut as they had no time to fit it in.


However, what is interesting is the fact that one of the potential buyers or investors had a tattoo of the Ten Rings on the back of his neck, thus linking this particular buyer to the Mandarin and the “Iron Man” franchise.

Aside from this, Slash Film has just discovered that both of the after credits scenes that were released alongside the movie has just been released online, allowing fans to get hyped up for Evangeline Lily as the Wasp, and to get excited about “Captain America: Civil War.”

Will you be getting the “Ant-Man” Blu Ray? Are excited for the deleted scenes and bonus features?  Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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