‘Ant-Man’ Gearing Up For Sequel With ‘Wasp’

By Neha Bakshi | 2 years ago
‘Ant-Man’ Gearing Up For Sequel With ‘Wasp’

Marvel Cinematic Universe has added another feather in the cap with the introduction of an exceptional superhero, “Ant-Man.” The movie created a buzz among the marvel followers and has received positive reviews from critics worldwide which have encouraged studios to further explore the idea of its sequel. Is “Ant-Man 2” depicted on the cards? Read on to find out more about this.

Evangeline Lilly and Paul Rudd starrer flick is already in talks about its sequel in the media, nothing is officially confirmed yet. The news of its second part broke after Lilly started a discussion on social media lately about the prospects of “Ant-Man” franchise.

In the concluding scenes of movie, Hank Pym introduced a net generation wasp like suit to his daughter Hope. The said suit is the one he had been working with her mother, further adding that this wasp suit was meant for Hope Dyne.

As speculated, the Wasp will take the lead in the second part. Lilly herself answered some of the fans on the official page intending that Marvel has initiated costume designing for the sequel. However, she added that she has not yet tried the costume, as stated by Slashfilm.

Formerly, the first appearance of Lilly turning into wasp was planned for “Captain America: Civil War.” But according to a statement given by Marvel President Kevin Feige, the interest remains in watching Wasp as an emerging superhero. Since Captain America already has many established character it will be too much for wasp to stand out. Hence, the major possibility for wasp to standalone remains as the sequel of “Ant-Man.”

Marvel is definitely going to get more thrilling stuff for its fans’ and audience.

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