‘Ant-Man’ Initiates Filming in San Francisco

By Rochelle Paula Carino | 3 years ago
‘Ant-Man’ Initiates Filming in San Francisco

The one studio in Hollywood that’s been rolling their cameras nonstop, Marvel Studios, is gearing in San Francisco for the principal photography of their latest superhero franchise “Ant-Man” starring Paul Rudd.

We have approximately 11 months to go before the newest superhero, “Ant-Man,” gets introduced into the big screen with its 2015 opening. It comes to no surprise that Marvel Studios has been keeping up with the many pressures of the production, especially with the way the initial director Edgar Wright left the position, with Peyton Reed taking over.

Despite the major tribulation that they’ve had to go through with, the productions have certainly started with the principal photography of the film, and it is currently being set in San Francisco. Based on the feature of Mercury News, it is not certain that the whole film will be entirely set in the Bay area. However, it is safe to say that some parts of the film will  take place in the golden city as Paul Rudd’s photo was released last Aug. 19,2014 by Marvel’s Twitter Feed with the Golden Gate Bridge as the notable background.

Check the photo HERE.

In the light of their current filming, not only did Marvel Studios make the production announcement but also Peyton Reed when he tweeted it on his account “Alright gang. Today is the day. LET’S. GET. Small.”

In the detailed report of Screen Rant, they’ve indicated that one primer location of the shoot in the city is to take place in Tenderloin of down town San Francisco. It is greatly understood that majority of the film will be shot within the studios and sound stages for its expected visual effects. The studio has also added that they will be filming somewhere in Atlanta, Georgia. They even highlighted the fact that their Georgia location will serve as the base for the film’s production. However, it shouldn’t take so long before the internet leaks candid photos of the filming taking place on actual places, either within the domesticity of the U.S. or in international locations.

The new addition of “Ant-Man” in the Marvel Cinematic Universe jump starts a whole new selection in the fusion of Marvel films. With this, you can expect “Ant-Man” to cross over in other upcoming films, which includes the members of the Avengers such as Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and the recently released “Guardians of the Galaxy.” The movie is set to be released next year on July 17, 2015 and you can expect Paul Rudd to play as Scott Lang and Michael Douglas to play Hank Pym — the two varied iterations of Ant-Man in the comic book series.

That concludes our scoop on the filming for the production of “Ant-Man.” Keep tabs on Movie News Guide (MNG) for the latest updates in the entertainment industry. 

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Uploaded by Gage Skidmore

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