‘Ant-Man’ New Poster Promos Released

By Anshul Hardikar | 3 years ago
‘Ant-Man’ New Poster Promos Released

Nearing its release, our very own insect sized superhero will defend us from another maniac of a bug who threatens to destroy the world and believe me; it won’t be because of some fatal bite by the bug but some actual disaster. Scott Lang is perhaps the only superhero who finds an inner calling and intends to give up his life of theft. With the new promo posters releasing of the movie, one can be sure that Scott’s intentions are clear.

According to Business Insider, Marvel has recently launched three new posters for the last movie of its Phase 2 before officially moving into Phase 3 with “Thor: Ragnarok”. If you take a look at the posters, it will show you Scott Lang aka Ant-Man with three of the most powerful heroes of the Marvel cinematic universe. One of the poster shows him standing on Thor’s hammer Mjolnir while the other one shows him standing on Captain America’s shield but one of the most brilliant posters would be the one where he is standing on the shoulders of Iron Man.

This new marketing campaign for the movie seems to be working really well as internet has embraced it warmly and to every fan of the Marvel cinematic universe it carries a certain sentimental value because there are different tag lines that are attached to the posters that says “No Shield. No Hammer. No Problem” and also include others like “No Shield. No Armor. No Problem” depending on which superhero our ant-sized hero is with. They hint at the fact that heroes do come in all sizes and you don’t need mighty biceps or high technology armor to defend others and yourself.

It also confirms the speculations that Ant-Man surely has a big role to play in the upcoming Avengers and hints at having a long association with the superhero team ever since he was resurrected from the comic world. Actor Paul Rudd was also seen on the sets of the currently shooting “Captain America: Civil War” further confirming his involvement with the team.

It is to be seen how much is our tiny hero able to impress the audiences whose expectations just seem to get higher and higher with every movie.

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Photo source: Facebook/Ant-Man

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